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2022 VJO Swim-A-Thon
2022 Swim-A-Thon
Time: 10:00 AM
EIN: 94-2363675
Cunningham Pool
Lesley Ruszel Email
(707) 373-4147
It’s that time again! We are excited for this year's BIG team fundraiser: the Swim-a-Thon! As a non-profit organization, the monthly dues that we charge our families are only part of the money required to cover all of the operational costs our team sees each year. So each year we run a USA Swimming Foundation approved fundraising event called a Swim-a-Thon, which brings all of our kids together for a two hour swimming event where they swim as many laps as possible. Family and friends will sponsor our swimmers as they participate in the Swim-a-thon. Funds raised go directly toward the operation of our team and help keep monthly dues as low as possible. Every donation helps our team! Remind family and friends that Vallejo Aquatic Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible! Your support of our Swim-a-Thon is very much appreciated!
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$1,945.00 Naomi Ramos
$1,883.00 Kaimana Huntsman
$995.00 Jasmine Jones
$825.00 Parker Haeni
$775.00 Olivia Gorden