The Jeanne Roberts Favaro Scholarship award was founded in 1999 by the Vallejo Aquatic Club and the Favaro family to honor the memory of Jeanne Favaro. Jeanne was a founding member of the Vallejo Aquatic Club in 1955, a leader in the Vallejo community for over 40 years, and a loving wife and mother of six children. She promoted the spirit of the scholar-athlete in her own life and in her children.

The annual scholarship is awarded to a graduating high school student who will be attending college and best exemplifies Jeanne's commitment to excellence in academics and competitive swimming.


The Favaro 2022 Scholarship Winners

Zakary Raymond : Zak has proven his excellence in academics and competitve swimming through his many accomplishments. His swimming accomplishments include 7 years of swimming competitively, achieving Senior 2 time standards, and incredible leadership as our 2022 Team Captain and Athlete Rep. to the VJO Board of Directors. His academic accomplishments off deck include a 4.4 GPA, ranking him 15th out of the 404 Graduating students at ACHS this year. When reflecting on the values and life lessons he learned through swimming, he spoke about the rewards of hard work, starting new challenges, and finding time to laugh. He wrote "I rarely will preach to people about how to live their lives, as I'd rather just live by my own values. Still, I hope through the way I live my life, I've passed on some wisdom, touched somebody's life, or at the very least, brightened someone's day." He will be a Tiger at the University of Pacific and study Biomedical Engineering and Applied Mathmatics.

Anna Reyes : Anna has achieved time standards such as PRT, JO's, and has broken two team records. Academically, she maintaines a 4.26 GPA, and is on the Superintendent's Honor Roll and AVID Honor Roll; and takes advanced placement and community college courses. When reflecting on the values and life lessons she learned through swimming, she spoke about learning to have a growth mindset, independence, dedication, and discipline. She identified that swimming has influenced her decision to enter the medical field - "From helping my peers, and those I work with, to my love of sports and understanding how the body works, swimming has molded me into thinking and behaving the way I do." Anna will be attending San Jose State University in the Fall and will be studying Kinesiology with the end goal of becoming a phsycial therapist or research scientist.


( Below is a photo taken of Anna and Zak with BJ and Paul Favro )