Mako Sharks COVID-19 Policy and EFSL COVID-19 Statement


We are working very hard with USAG Italy Aquatics and the European Forces Swim League to plan the best season possible for 2021-22. We do not, however, know exactly what the season will entail at this point. There may be adjustments to practice times or meets.


We worked very hard to salvage what we could of our 2020-21 season and established a lot of new processes and procedures which we will carry over to next season.  


We of course cannot predict the future and have no idea if another wave will hit our area and raise HPCON levels. If it does we may see a modification of our training hours and our ability to host and travel to meets...we will deal with those decisions if they become necessary.


What we are doing is planning for as normal a season as possible, putting prudent social distancing, density reduction and travel modification plans in place. Once we have those plans in place we will flex to adjust to the conditions and circumstances.


If you are a returning swimmer or interested in joining the team please know that we are doing all that we can to make the season happen and be as great as possible under the current conditions. These are of course uncharted territories so we will ask that you remain flexible and understanding as we make adjustments.


Please continue to follow all USAG-Italy and Host Nation guidance on social distancing, mask wearing, quarantines, etc. and we hope to keep our community safe, healthy and strong.


If you have particular questions about the team and COVID-mitigation and what we are doing to keep the swimmers safe please reach out to the Team President ([email protected])


If you would like to join the team please reach out to the Head Coach ([email protected]) and schedule a swim assessment with the coach at…/swimmer-assessment