Volunteering is vital to the success of our team -- helping to hold fees to a minimum and creating a great season.


The team is entirely volunteer-run so we absolutely need all hands on deck.






Mako Sharks families are required to perform 40 hours of volunteer service to our swim team per family per swim season.

There is a position for everyone. Volunteers with minimal training can serve as timers, marshals, runners, concession stand workers, and can help with awards, set up, and clean up. Other positions, such as swim meet Stroke and Turn Officials, require training that is typically held prior to the beginning of the competitive season. More information on volunteering opportunities can be obtained from one of our our Volunteer Coordinators.  If you have extenuating circumstances which render you incapable of fulfilling volunteer hours during meets, please speak with one of our volunteer coordinators who can provide creative ways to fulfill your volunteer obligation.  We always have needs for volunteer support outside of meets.

Volunteer hours may also be earned by participating in fundraisers, holding a board position, or serving in a key volunteer position such as Travel Coordinator, Meet Director, Concessions coordinator, etc.

A full discription of all of the volunteer opportunities can be found HERE

All swim meet specific volunteer positions and concession stand donations will be in the meet information on our Team Unify website. All members will submit their hours to the Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS) through https://www.myarmyonesource.com. Volunteers are expected to log their hours regularly into their accounts which are monitored by the Volunteer Coordinator. Safari and Firefox browsers work best for accessing VMIS. For questions about setting up your VMIS account, please speak with one of the Mako Sharks Volunteer Coordinator or the ACS Volunteer Coordinator.

At the conclusion of the season, families with less than 40 hours recorded in VMIS will be billed at $10/hr and charged to your family Team Unify account.

Member families who do not complete the volunteer hour requirement, or who have an outstanding balance at the end of the season, will not be considered “in good standing,” and will not be allowed to participate in any off-season spring or summer training, and may have their registration denied for the following swim season.

Families of swimmers who qualify and compete in Long Distance and/or Short Distance Championships should expect to perform volunteer duties (typically timing) in support of the host team at these events, which will be counted towards the Volunteer Hours requirement.