Interested in joining the Mako Sharks Swim Team??



What are our initial steps?

  1. Contact the Head Coach and schedule a swim assessment
  2. Complete Online Registration
  3. Provide team a copy of Current Sports Physical.  Email to [email protected]
  4. Sign-up for Summer Swim Clinics
  5. Attend the Season Kick-off in August
  6. Order gear and team suit
  7. Practices begin late August, season ends in February/March


What level swimmers does the team have?

We have swimmers with a wide range of skills and abilities.  Our beginner group generally has kids in their first year or two of swim team and then our Silver and Gold groups have kids with progressing abilities.  


Do we have to travel to meets?

No, you do not.  We offer travel meets as a way to increase opportunities for competition.  Some kids enjoy meets and traveling more than others.  We require all Mako Sharks to attend all HOME meets and ask that they strongly consider attending the EFSL Southern Divisional Meet on January 30st. 

Travel meets are a great way to explore Europe and get to know swimmers from across the league.  Many swimmers enjoy traveling to meets and swimming against new teams.


Where does the team travel?

We travel across Europe but this season we have purposely scheduled the majority of meets to be within driving distance.  We will be swimming in Aviano, Naples, Stuttgart, and Vilseck as well as Berlin, Brussels, Lisbon and Championship meets in Brugge and Eindhoven, NL.  


Our kids swam with another team prior to our arrival in Vicenza, what do we need to do?

Please schedule an assessment with coach to ensure proper practice group placement.  You can also send the Statistician their times from the previous season if you'd like.  This isn't mandatory but they will not count as qualification times but will give the coaches an idea of their past performance and help with seeding at the first meet.  We love experienced swim families!!  Probably a third or more of our swimmers arrive to Vicenza from another swim team. 


I am concerned about the volunteer requirement, who can I talk to?

Please reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator, Anna Williams, and she'll help you meet the goal.  Our team is completely volunteer run.  Nothing from practices, meets or team operations happen without volunteers commitment to our team's success.  We firmly believe there is a role for everyone based upon their skills, abilities and availability.  In general we ask that all families donate at least one item to the concession stand and volunteer for at least one job during meets their kids attend.  If you have extenuating circumstances (younger children, single parenting, disabilities, etc.) and struggle to meet this requirement our Volunteer Coordinator is happy to work with each family to find creative ways for them to contribute to the team within their own abilities.  You can always donate additional items to the concession stand, help with team operations outside of meets, etc.  


Mako Sharks Volunteer Positions


I have a High School athlete who wants to play a Fall Sport, can they do that and then begin swimming?

Yes, they can do that!! We offer a discounted registration for those that join after November 1st (this is the end of the DoDEA Fall Sports Season).  For those swimmers participating in other CYS or local sports teams we ask that you work with the coach to find a balance to schedule practices around other committments.

High School swimmers can earn a Varsity Letter through a Memorandum of Understanding between DoDEA and the EFSL.