Vicenza Mako Sharks Swim Team



The Vicenza Mako Sharks Swim Team will hold practices at Centro Sportivo Piscina di Nanto for the 2022-23 swim season!  The pool is an easy 17 minute drive south of Caserma Ederle.  The pool can be accessed by using the Riviera Berica or from the A-31 Autostrada.  While we will miss our home pool at Caserma Ederle this season, we are thankful and excited to partner with the Centro Sportivo Piscina di Nanto!


ADDRESS:      Centro Sportivo Piscina di Nanto

                         Via dei Pilastri, 14

                         36024 Nanto (VI)


COORDINATES:     45.41638187785835, 11.628684006431929