Vicenza Mako Sharks Swim Team




This year, the Mako Sharks will practice at an Italian aquatic facility.  While we will miss our home pool at Caserma Ederle, we are thankful and excited to partner with the Centro Sportivo Piscina di Nanto!  There are a few rules pertaining to our new practice facility that our parents and swimmers should be tracking prior to the start of the season.  Please read through the following rules in their entirety and contact the Mako Sharks leadership with any questions.


UNATTENDED CHILDREN:  Neither Centro Sportivo di Nanto nor the Mako Sharks Swim Team will be responsible for children left unattended outside of their scheduled practice time.  Parents must pick-up children promptly upon the completion of practice.  



  • Access to the pool is limited to staff, swimmers, and coaches.
  • Parents will not be permitted on the pool deck unless they have paid and are engaging in lap swim or other permitted aquatic exercise.
  • Swimmers, coaches, and patrons must wear suitable footwear to access the pool deck (i.e., deck shoes/sandals.
  •  It is forbidden to enter the pool with open cuts, abrasions, lesions, or other skin infections.
  • Swimmers must take a shower prior to entering the water.
  • Swimmers must remove ALL MAKEUP and JEWELRY prior to entering the pool.
  • NO running or diving into the pool unless as directed by a coach.
  • ALL swimmers must wear caps while in the pool.



  • Access the to the changing rooms is allowed no earlier than 15 minutes before the start of practice.
  • Swimmers are permitted a maximum of 15 minutes in the locker rooms prior to and following practice.
  • NO shampooNO conditioner, and NO shower gel permitted in the shower.
  • Before passing the turnstile, swimmers must change into clean deck shoes/sandals.  
  • Neither Centro Sportivo di Nanto nor the Mako Sharks Swim Team is responsible for valuables left unattended.
  • Swimmers must use the appropriate lockers and have a personal padlock that will be removed at the end of practice.
  • Lost & found items will be thrown away at the end of the evening.
  • Decent behavior is required in the dressing room.  Swimmers must respect the facilities and any damage will be charged to the respective family.
  • No food or drink (with the exception of water) is permitted in the locker rooms.
  • No running in the locker rooms.
  • Swimmers age 7 and above must use the locker room associated with their given sex.



  • Use of sneakers are mandator to access the workout room.
  • Users must bring a towel for the bench and wear appropriate sports activity clothing.
  • Users must sanitize equipment after use and must return all equipment to its place.



  • Park in an order manner
  • No blocking the entrance of the driveway
  • No parking in disabled spaces for any amount of time, unless in possession of a legal placard permitting parking in such spaces.