Base Access


All personnel entering Caserma Ederle must have a US DoD ID card

or a base access permit. US Passport holders can be signed in by another DoD ID

card holder but this takes time at the gate.


ID card holders 18 and older can sign on as many as four non-ID card

holders, provided the visitors are age 18 or older and not from a country on the

restricted countries list. The restricted countries list is controlled by Italian

officials, not U.S. officials.


Anyone 17 or younger must have parent's authorization in writing or be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian before they can be signed on to the installation.


If you do not have a US DoD ID Card and require assistance with base access you MUST contact the Meet Director NLT Wednesday the week prior to a meet to submit a base access request


Visiting teams should submit a consolidatd AE Form 190-16 to the Meet Director for all personnel requiring base access ahead of time.  This will significantly cut down on the wait time to sign in non ID card holders at the gate.


The PMO Desk Sgt can be reached at (39) 0444-71-6744 for further questions.


US Army Garrison Italy Base Access Information