Pacific Swimming
Level 2
  1. Is the swim team open to all ages? Typically 4 years old and up. Swimmers with some experience in the water are ready for the pre-comp group.
  2. Do my swimmers have to attend Valley Christian? NO, the team is open to everyone!
  3. What is the billing cycle like? You pay once per month, $175 per swimmer.
  4. Are there any volunteer commitments? Every family is asked to volunteer 20 hours per year, or buyout $25 per unfilled hour.
  5. What is volunteering like? Timing at swim meets, setting up our home meets, working our potlucks or social events, etc.
  6. Are there swim meets? Yes! We compete in local age group meets each month, our advanced swimmers do a little more traveling to swim meets.
  7. Who are the coaches? Our coaches are some of the top USA Swimming coaches in the area. Our coaching staff stays up to date on the latest techniques from some of the top coaches in the country to reduce drag and potential injury. 
  8. Are there any social events? Yes, our team has a social event at least once per month. We have team potlucks, mini golf day, movie day, team camping trip, team hiking, hot chocolate nights, Easter Egg Hunts and more!
  9. Do I have to be a fast swimmer? No, we have groups for every age and ability. From Pre-Competitive groups to the National Group and everything in between
  10. I see you have practice Monday-Saturday...Do we need to be there everyday? Depending on the age, level, and group of the swimmer, there are different expectations for every individual on the team. In the Bronze group, we do offer 4 practices per week, but swimmers do not need to be there everyday. We offer several practices per week for flexibility for our families. We do suggest a consistent practice routine for progress and advancement.

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