About Hanover Aquatics

We are parent-run nonprofit organization. We offer a year round swimming program of instruction, training and competition for swimmers ages 5-19 years old. This program strives to instill in young people high self-esteem, personal responsibility, sportsmanship, self-motivation and an understanding of goal setting and achievement; all through the sport of competitive swimming.

The Hanover Aquatics swim program is designed with long-term growth progression in mind. The swim groups are set up so swimmers move from one swim group to the next higher performance group as their skills improve and they mature both physically and emotionally. The coaching staff works together to insure the appropriate and smooth transition from one swim group to the next.


Now in our 22nd year, Hanover Aquatics has developed into Hanover County's premier year round competitive swim program.  Hanover Aquatics is located on the Burkwood Swim & Racquet (BSRC) property.  Hanover Aquatics leases pool and office space from BSRC and has a professional relationship.  The two entities maintain separate Board of Directors as well as financial independence.  The Hanover Aquatics program first began in 1996 with just a few swimmers under the name of Burkwood Aquatic Club, one part time coach coach, and a lot of big dreams.  Since then Burkwood Aquatic Club merged with Poseidon Swimming in 2015, but was always its own separate financial entity. On April 20th, 2019 Hanover Aquatics decided to separate from Poseidon Swimming and operate, once again, as a fully independent swim team. Through the years, Hanover Aquatics has grown to over 140 swimmers, employs two full time, three part time coaches, and has accomplished many of those dreams but always finds more to chase after. 

From the beginning the team was founded to provide swimming opportunities for children of all ages and ability levels.  Throughout the years the team has expanded its initial offerings to include learn to swim programs and weekend swim clinics