Here's what parents and swimmers have to say about Hanover Aquatics! 

"Hanover Aquatics warmly welcomed and embraced our family. This season has been nothing short of a positive experience. Whether it is "Meeting Monday," "Work-On-It Wednesday," or "Fast Friday," our children look forward and enjoy going to practice. Hanover is unique in their ability to deliver high-quality instruction, in a safe and challenging way that encourages personal growth and development both in and out of the pool.

Coach Kelly recently shared something with my 7-year-old that will stay with him for the rest of his life. In his mind, he was frustrated with himself because (in his words) he had "failed" at doing a flip turn. Coach Kelly hugged him and to his surprise, celebrated his perceived failure. She shared with him that she was glad he "failed" because that meant he was trying, and she encouraged him to keep on trying even if that included "failing." He got back on that block, swam 25 meters, and nailed his flip turn due to Coach Kelly's encouragement and coaching. 

This occurrence is not unique. I have witnessed multiple interactions where each coach has celebrated victories and even perceived "failures" with their swimmers. Hanover has created a culture of fast and fun swimming through this practice. This mindset empowers each child to reach their full potential." 


"Hanover Aquatics has an amazing coach staff, and provides individualized attention for all of their athletes. No one gets lost on this team. Everyone matters and the coaches believe that every swimmer can improve. We feel blessed that our daughter was able to be coached by such a knowledgable and caring person. Coach Dave is demanding without being demeaning. He gets to know each one of his swimmers and encourages and shows up for them in all areas of life. I was pleasantly surprised when Coach Dave showed up at High School States on his own personal time to watch our daughter swim. His knowledge of swimming is unmatched, and he understands that there needs to be balance in the life of a young athlete. Our daughter improved so much while swimming for him, and is heading off to college next year with both athletic and academic scholarships. We can't thank him enough for his support and encouragement of our daughter. We know she is both physically and mentally prepared to face any challenges that come her way, in large part due to how Coach Dave has helped prepare her.

Our younger daughter swam for Coach Brandon this year, and we can't believe how much she has improved. She is swimming happy and relaxed and doesn't want to miss a single practice. The culture that is cultivated at this club is like no other. The swimmers all push each other and encourage each other at practices and meets. They are friends in and out of the water. The kids and coaches really know how to have fun. It feels like a family, and we feel blessed to be part of it."


"Coach Caitlyn is very patient with the young swimmers and works very hard to improve their swimming strokes. She makes the practices fun while correcting their technique.  She is also supportive during her “off time” as she came out to several summer swim meets to cheer on her year-round swimmers and they were so excited to see her!!!!! She also has an endless supply of Athleta hair ties that my child loves!!!!

Coach Brandon is fun!! He’s a great sport and a great team player. He knows how to let loose and just be silly with the kids. Not only does he coach for technique and hard work, he makes sure the swimmers know about supporting their team and being there for them. Swimming can be a lot about individual achievement, but Coach Brandon makes sure to teach them the importance of TEAM!!! I love seeing all the kids cheering their teammates on and staying after they are done swimming to cheer their teammates on. Coach Brandon has taught them that the Team’s success is just as important as their own individual success and my child is just as excited when his teammate drops time as he would be if he had dropped the time. It has been a great Team dynamic!!!!