Get Instant Alerts via SMS Text and Push Notifications

Brandon Hendrickson


Although I don’t expect the weather this evening to affect our preseason practice tomorrow morning, it is a good reminder to make sure everyone is aware and is set up to receive instant alerts in case of future practice cancellations or adjustments.

Our website has a couple useful features that helps with quick communication in the event of something changing last minute.

  1. SMS Texting - In your families account in our website, there is slot for two cell phone numbers (SMS). All you have to do is fill in your cell number, select your carrier, and hit save. You should get a confirmation text immediately following. Confirm you supplied your number and your all set. You should see a green “Verified” above your number.
  2. Push Notification via “On Deck” App – The On Deck App is our websites app and gives you similar access to the website through the app. You can check your account, child’s swim times, and more. Once you download the app, grant the app permission to display push notifications, and login. Your all set!

When the coaching staff or BOD must send out a quick message regarding last minute practice, meet, or team event adjustments, we will usually send messages through ALL three platforms: email, SMS texting, and Push Notifications. Sometimes you may receive a shorter or multiple texts and push notification as were limited in characters allowed per messages and then receive a longer more detailed email. Every situation a little different.

Hope this makes sense! Let me know if you have any questions.