Hanover Happy Invitational Entry Report + Rays Commitment Deadline Friday 9/17

Brandon Hendrickson


Attached is the upated meet entry report for our Hanover Happy Invitational. We have 99 swimmers attending which is the most we have ever had at a swim meet in a long time! It is not too late to sign up but I will need to know pretty quickly.

Also, the commitment deadline for the Rays Great Pumkin Splash meet (October 16-17) at Jeff Rouse is this Friday 9/17. I know this seems early, especially since the deadline for our meet just past. We have to start working on entries pretty early to secure we get our entries into meet. If we are late, the meet could fill up and our entries can be rejected. I have attached the meet information, please review as it should anwer many of your questions. If not, please reach out to me.

Thank you!

Coach Brandon