Interested in Becoming a Certified Official?

Interested persons should contact:

   Scott Farrar -   [email protected] 

Officials are present at all competitions to enforce the technical rules of swimming so the competition is fair and equitable. Officials attend clinics, pass a written test and work meets before being certified. All parents are encouraged to get involved with some form of officiating.

Referee: Has overall authority and control of the competition, ensuring that all the rules are followed; assigns and instructs all officials, and decides all questions relating to the conduct of the meet.

Relay Takeoff Judges: Stand beside the starting blocks to observe the relay exchange, ensuring that the feet of the departing swimmer have not lost contact with the block before the incoming swimmer touches the end of the pool.

Timers: Operate timing devices (watches or semi automatic timing systems) and record the time for the swimmer in their lane. 2 or 3 timers are needed for each lane. This volunteer position offers an ideal opportunity for new parents to work in a swim meet.

Turn Judges: Observe the swimmers from each end of the pool and ensure that the turns and finishes comply with the rules applicable to each stroke.

Starter: Assumes control of the swimmers from the Referee, directs them to "take your mark," and sees to it that no swimmer is in motion prior to giving the start signal.

Stroke Judges: Observe the swimmers from both sides of the pool, walking abreast of the swimmers, to ensure that the rules relating to each stroke are being followed. The positions of Stroke Judge and Turn judge may be combined into one position called the Stroke and Turn Judge.

Background Check and Athlete Protection Training are required for Non-athlete Members.

The APT expiration date will always be 12/31 and it will be computed based on the same way that our membership year is determined:

o   If you take the APT between September 1 – December 31, it will be valid until 12/31 of the following year

o   If you take the APT between January 1 – August 31, it will be valid until 12/31 of the current year

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Why be an official?

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