Thank you for visiting us today!  We are excited to have the privilege of getting to know you, your family and most importantly your swimmer.  We anticipate that you will have a lot of questions about VSC, so we will do our best to answer them.  Below you will find some basic information about the team as well as the swimming group to register for if you choose to join our swimming family.

Mission Statement: To develop swimmers with great character by teaching effort, perseverance and sportsmanship.

Motto: Novice to Nationals, One Stroke at a Time.

Coaching Philosophy: The team’s coaching philosophy emphasizes individual improvement both in times and stroke/technique) for each swimmer, while developing a team bond based on support and respect. Swimmers have different personalities and different goals - some kids want to be social, work out and stay in shape, others want to achieve National or Olympic Trial Times. Our coaching staff strives to maximize the growth and development of swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of VSC to offer specific training geared towards challenging and developing each individual to the best of their abilities.

Practice Pools:  Marshall Community Center &  Washington State School for the Blind


Step 1:  

Contact our New Member Coordinator for information about how to join and schedule a placement evaluation. 


Step 2: 

Fill out the following forms and bring then to the evaluation .  These forms will also be avalable at the evaluation if needed.

Athlete's Concussion Form   and   Release Form

Step 3:

During your evaluation the coaching staff will evaluate the skill level of your swimmer.  Once the swimmer has been evaluated you will be informed of your swimmer's practice group, fee structure and registration procedures.

Step 4:

You will need to register on line.  Follow the Link on  the  Home page.   

Step 5:

Set up a new parent orientation by contacting CoachTaylor.