VSC In Full Halloween Mode @ 2022 THSC Fall Invite

Coach Taylor VSC Head Coach

Halloween is nearly upon us. If you look closely, everywhere - real close - here, in Vancouver, you can see all the little signs of the underworld broiling with anticipatory activity. For example, there are more bats out at night, and the squirrels are restless. They know something is up. Darkness is coming earlier, and the clouds are shimmering and quivering, concealing who knows what in the night. And there is more, much more....

Well, it's no different in Beaverton, OR either, or at the majestic Tualatin Hills Aquatic Center pool, the site of our VSC swim meet this past weekend. The event was posted as the 2022 THSC Fall Invitational, but it may as well have been VSC casts its spooky spell upon the competition, because such was the case. In fact, many teams and many accomplished swimmers from our region were on-hand to make this particular swim meet the most jam-packed competitive swim meet VSC has attended in quite a while. However, no one there was prepared for the depth and the intensity of the Halloween magic our VSC swimmers brought to the Natatorium. No one, indeed.

Such was certainly the case with our VSC Swimmer of the Meet Lila Leal. Swirling above the pool deck at high speed aboard her creaky broomstick, dressed all in black, with her pointy hat poised above the crowd, and casting scary shadows upon the Natatorium walls, Lila donned her glowing magic wand. And while twirling it, chanting who knows what, Lila beamed her spell upon all who were present.

What followed was positively cryptic. Right off the bat, as if the clock had struck midnight, she broke the 1:20 barrier for the 1st time in her 100Y Free (1:19.61). She also conjured another 2 seconds in her 100Y Back (1:33.91). And that was just on Saturday. On Sunday, Lila secretly churned and boiled her witch's brew to re-mold her 200Y Free (2:55.36), dropping 9 seconds in the process, while slicing the 3 minute barrier for the 1st time. Where do you hide your witch's wand, as well as your Book of Spells, Lila?!?!

Other VSC swimmers were on the prowl, too. For example, Charlotte and Gwen Carlson were seen, sometimes here, and then sometimes over there. You never could get a handle on them. Well, this pair of sisters posted some trance-like swims, especially in the Backstroke. 7 year old Charlotte flashed her 25Y Back in :32.56, while 9 year old Gwen disappeared into her 50Y Back, only to re-emerge at the other end of the pool in :51.58. Judging from the looks of it, Faerie Magic was suspected in both cases.

7 year old Wit Harter, who just recently joined our team, made it clear right from the beginning who he was this Halloween: The Grim Reaper. Out of sight in the mists of the competition, and in his eerie, dark robe concealed amidst the unsuspecting crowd, Wit suddenly appeared on the block, when his big axe fell. His scintillating 50Y Free (1:01.71) was positively ghastly!

Now, you have to remember that wizards don't always show. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. Sometimes they bring great magic, sometimes they bring pure evil. So, be weary of wizards, especially around Halloween! 8 year old Kiran McGoogan, fresh off his 1st meet ever (in which he was our VSC Swimmer of the Meet) showed-off his wizardry this past weekend for all to see. Conjuring up more fast swims, Kiran posted a new revelation in the 25Y Back (:26.40).

For their efforts, Charlotte, Gwen, Wit and Kiran were awarded our VSC Fast Swims of the Meet. Great job, swimmers!

We all may as well face it: ghosts and Halloween are inseparable. You just might not see them...until that scary moment arrives! And then, all Hell brakes loose! For the 2nd meet in a row, we had 2 VSC swimmers erase so much time off their best times that Coach Taylor's calculator, which was melted after our last meet, this time burst into flames and went up in smoke in the night. Gone! One of the ghoulish calculator culprits was a repeat swimmer: Miles Kuhl. This time, all Miles did was eliminate 32 seconds from his 100Y Back (1:41.98), over 5 seconds off his 100Y Breast (1:45.19), 3 seconds off his 50Y Back (:45.07), and almost 3 seconds off his 100Y IM (1:37.21). Where did all the time go, Miles?

Evidently, ghosts can sometimes travel in pairs, because Matan Mittelman was clearly Miles' collaborator. Guilty! Matan sneaked 6 seconds off his 100Y Free (1:32.73), nearly 4 more seconds off his 100Y Back (1:53.93), 1 and a half seconds off his already fast 50Y Free (:44.82), and well over 2 seconds off his 50Y Back (:51.66). Matan also swam the 200Y Free for the very first time ever in a very tricky 3:33.35.

For their efforts, Miles and Matan were awarded our VSC Most Improved Swimmers of the Meet.

And there was more, for 5 other VSC swimmers competed at the meet, all of whom looked like the bats at night frantically escaping the belfry. Claiming our VSC Red White & Blue Fast Swims were: Brayden Baker-50Y Back (:59.86), Gretta Hegewald-200Y Back (3:38.63), Elsie Holmes-100Y Free (2:16.88), Riley Stevenson-200Y IM (2:58.70), Misha Suturin-100Y Free (1:06.80).

As always, our VSC Post-Meet Reports can be viewed in our Performance Reports tab of our VSC team website. Just log-in and select Meets/Events. You will see the tab there. These files are also permanently stored in our Events tab, under the particular meet by its name. Simply select Past & Archive, then enter the meet dates. Take the time to review these reports. They give a lot of perspective on how our swimmers are doing, and most of them are fairly self-explanatory. Feel free to contact Coach Taylor with any question about these reports.