VSC Swimmers Strut Their Stuff @ Turkey Shoot

Coach Taylor VSC Head Coach

21 VSC swimmers competed this past weekend at the 2022 THSC Turkey Shoot Invite. The meet was held in Beaverton at the spacious Tualatin Hills Aquatic Center. As is usually the case at this facility, plenty of very high quality competition was on-hand for this Thanksgiving swim meet.

Turkey hunters tell us that hunting turkey is especially difficult because turkeys possess such amazing eyesight. Don't move...any! If you blink, the turkey will see it and fly awkwardly away! Whatever the case may be, it didn't take turkey optics to spot our VSC Swimmer of the Meet at this swim meet! Ingrid Morrison-Garcia made that all too obvious. Ingrid squeezed the trigger on 3 of the very best swims of her career to date. In fact, Ingrid invented our new VSC Turkey Shoot Triple. What do they call three in a row, or a triple, in many sports or games? That's right: a Turkey! What constitutes a Turkey on VSC, you ask? Well, it's a new lifetime best time, a new USA Swimming B Time Standard and a new VSC season-best time in an event - all achieved in the same swim.

Right at the outset of the hunt, Ingrid flushed out not only her fastest B Time in the 100Y Free (1:06.14), but also the fastest VSC time in the event so far this Season. With one bird already in the bag, why not go for two? Her lifetime best 100Y Breast (1:26.18) brought down another strutting Tom, as it also recorded another B Time and fastest VSC time so far this Season. And you guessed it, Ingrid then went on to blast her 3rd turkey in the 200Y IM (2:46.80) with her 3rd lifetime best time, 3rd B Time and 3rd VSC Season best time in the event. Three Turkeys in the bag! But Coach, wasn't that a triple triple? Gobble, gobble, gobble!

Great job, Ingrid!

Ingrid was not alone in posting fast times. Gunning down our VSC Fast Swims of the Meet were Gretta Hegewald, Tiki Khabra, Miles Kuhl, Lila Leal, Annie Morrison-Garcia and Riley Stevenson. Gretta learned how to properly pace her 100Y Free (1:20.71), for the 1st time, and promptly plucked nearly 5 seconds off her time. Tiki Khabra did the same, blasting over 5 full seconds off his 100Y Free (1:13.37). Miles continued perfecting his calling technique in the Breaststroke, luring into shooting range another lifetime best in the 50Y (:46.87).

Lila's full turkey fan blossomed on Friday night with a pair very fast swims. But it was her 8 second drop in the 200Y Back (3:05.56) that stopped the sleigh in its snowy tracks. In one 200Y swim, Lila inked not only her fastest 200Y time, but her fastest 100Y time along the way, as well. May as well take care of the big bird all at once! Annie also chose the Backstroke as her target, posting a new VSC Season-best and lifetime best time of 1:16.76 in the 100Y Back. And with two Backstrokes down, we may as well make it another Turkey. Riley strutted her stuff by winging almost 2 full seconds of her 50Y Back (:38.76).

Matan Mittelman bagged our VSC Most Improved Swimmer of the Meet honors all for himself. He recorded his 1st legal 50Y Fly ever. He also gobbled over 2 seconds off his 50Y Back (:49.27) and nearly 3 seconds off his 50Y Breast (1:02.50). But it was, believe it or not, an event in which Matan was DQd that showed the most improvement. Matan dropped roughly 18 seconds off his time in the 100Y IM (1:56.45). He mistakenly split his arms in a couple of Fly strokes to negate the time from listing as an official time. However, the drop is duly noted, along with his other significant improvements.

Nice job, Matan! Now keep your arms together in the Butterfly!

Claiming our VSC Red White & Blue Fast Swims of the Meet were: Brayden Baker 50Y Breast (1:10.23), Wyatt Ballantine 50Y Free (1:39.38), Camila Cabrera Onsri 50Y Free (1:29.85), Charlotte Carlson 50Y Free (1:20.69), Gwen Carlson 50Y Breast (1:05.24), Wit Harter 25Y Back (:29.29), Elsie Holmes 50Y Back (:58.96), Henry Hull 50Y Free (1:20.72), Meg Hull 50Y Back (1:08.34), Dave Letinich 50Y Free (:52.13), Kiran McGoogan 25Y Fly (:32.30), Gautham Vishnu 50Y Free (1:23.20) and Olivia Vlas 25Y Back (:36.68).

Special kudos go out to Camila, Henry, Meg, Dave, Gautham and Olivia, who were competing in their 1st swim meets ever as members of VSC! Welcome aboard, swimmers!

As always, our VSC Post-Meet Reports can be viewed in the Events tab of our team website. Take the time to review these reports. They give a clear picture how a swimmer is doing. And the more everyone gets familiar with them, the more everyone will understand their own performances.

Included are the National USA Swimming Time Standards, which begins with B Times and extend all the way up to AAAA Times. A separate report has been included to show which VSC swimmers have made these times. You will also see the Complete Meet Results from the meet, as well as just our own VSC Meet Results by itself. There is a Team Rankings report which is self-explanatory. And there is the Hytek Points report, which scores each swim individually according to National average times - 1 being the lowest and then extending to up over 1,000 points per swim for Olympic Trials Qualifiers. And Coach Taylor's Meet Awards from the meet will be there, as well a Best Times Report for each swimmer.