Four Great Reasons to Join FAST

Having fun and making new friends   
We have many fun and exciting family oriented activities in and out of the pool. This is a great way to make new friends and entertain the entire family.

Being a stronger and safer swimmer
Our program is a great way to get in better shape, build physical fitness, and become a stronger athlete while swimming with others of the same age and ability.

Joining a team that offers more than just swimming laps
We are looking forward to sharing another exciting year with you!  Be part of Fluvanna’s swimming tradition and join the Fluvanna Aquatics Sports Team today!

Being part of a team that feels like a family  
Our family atmosphere fosters team building and continual self improvement that becomes part of every day life. Our primary goal is for the swimmers to have fun while developing their swimming skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship.
We provide a fun, exciting, and rewarding swimming experience for all children ages 5 to 18. During the winter and fall seasons, we offer two day per week and 4 day per week practice options and affordable pricing to provide flexibility for busy family schedules and to facilitate our swimmers’ participation in other activities and sports. 
Our philosophy is that the success of the program is measured by what the children learn and how much they improve.
We are looking forward to sharing another exciting year with you!  

The Fluvanna Aquatic Sports Team’s mission is to provide all swimmers a fun and safe learning environment that focuses on improvement. We are committed to helping the swimmers learn and grow in skill, physical development, and character.

The FAST Makos fosters the swimmers’ development and sense of personal achievement through swimming. The club provides excellent coaching for all swimmers, regardless of age and ability, to reach their goals in an environment of friendship, fun, and team spirit. 

The Makos believe that swimming can be an important part of the overall development of an athlete. In addition to the physical conditioning and cross training benefits, swimming allows the Makos to focus on the process of self evaluation and improvement teaching athletes to set goals, work towards achieving them, and evaluating each performance to determine what the next steps are to improve. 

Swimming for the Makos is not about winning, it is about learning values and always trying to do your best. We focus on sportsmanship and team spirit.