Welcome back! Swim season update

Michael DiFazio

Welcome back to the team! We have missed working with you and we're so glad to have you back.  We are excited to be starting practice today!

A couple of things to remember.  
  • Turn left on Petit Forester Rd past the main campus (as you head south on 15) and follow the road back and turn left right before the tennis courts (look for Estes Aquatic Center sign (see attached map).
  • There will be approximately 100 football players ending workout at the time you start your workouts.  Many congregate in the back parking lot before heading into locker rooms.  In the interest of everyone's safety please avoid close contact.
  • We are revising our drop off location to the side of the pool by the busses.  The coaches will meet you there.
  • After practice is over with the coaches will walk the kids back out of the front door of the pool.
  • We are still following COVID safety precautions.  Swimmers on the team and children taking lessons will be met in the parking lot by the pool entrance and have their temperatures checked before entering the facility.
  • Remember there is a new speed bump in front of the barracks so please go slow.
  • FUMA Retreat (lowering of flag) will happen Mon thru Thur evenings between 7:20-7:35PM.  Parents should expect traffic to be stopped for ~3-4 minutes as cadets march to and from the circle.
  • Please do not park in front of the garage door or to either side of it.  Parking in spots next to buses is fine or out in front by the pool entrance door..  Use caution around very back near propane tanks