Swim Families our Second Meet is comming up shortly! We haven't received the invitation and file to set-up the on-line entry system yet, but please take a minute to look at the Order of Events for the next meet that we did receive tonight. The meet is scheduled for 11/6-7 at the Freedom Center in Manassas. I anticipate that we will only have a short time to enter on-line so I hope this helps for your planning. I will email you as soon as the on-line entry for this meet...

BASS is celebrating 20 years of swimming by hosting a design contest for this year's team T-Shirt. If you have an idea for a team t-shirt, download the form here and submit it by 10/15/10. Prize(s) will be awarded to the winning design. T-Shirts will be available for sale later this Fall.

Coach Laurie is collecting BASS Equipment Orders this week. Please turn into her by Thursday, September 30th. Click here if you need the form.

We have had to cancel the Mini-training camp because we didn't have enough committment from swimmers to attend. We will keep you posted if another event is scheduled.

There will be a parents meeting on Sunday afternoon, September 26th. We will have the meeting at 4 pm Broken Island Common Area (Same place as the Spring Camp Out). Main discussion will be regarding the Health Nutz pool but we will also answer questions on the program in general.