At NOVA, we are proud of our alumni. Each year, we graduate a group of seniors who have excelled in the pool and in the classroom. Many of our seniors go on to swim in top-ranked programs around the country. Click on the links below to learn more about recent alumni and their collegiate careers.

Our student-athletes continue to be successful in part due to the many lessons learned and strong

2012 Alumni Christmas Party
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support system at NOVA. As part of the NOVA family, our alums offer invaluable help to our younger swimmers navigating the college application and recruiting process.

We are working to gather information on alumni from our club's entire history. If you are an alum or have a friend or family member who swam at NOVA, email us at [email protected] to update our records. Please include name, year of high school graduation, college attended, address and email address so that we may update our records. If you are interested in helping with alumni-related projects, contact us - we'd love to reconnect!

Class of 2017

Bridget Bartley   Washington & Lee

Meghan Burton     Arizona State

Bailey Butler     James Madison

Lindsay Corbett   Randolph-Macon

David Dixon       West Virginia

Michael Estrada   George Mason

Miranda Fellowes  Florida Atlantic

Jared Gray        Virginia Tech

Jasmine Harper    William and Mary

Jacob Johnson     North Carolina State

Sarah Jorgensen   James Madison

Rachel Law        University of Virginia

Emilio Layton     Loyola University

Cody Lenart       University of Pittsburg

Sydney Lenz       Denison

Nick McComb       Rochester

Rowan McDowell    Vassar

Jack McSorley     Cornell

                                   Alix Melton       Penn State                                     

Emily Provenzo    Villanova

Olivia Ratliff   Duke University

Anna Renner       University of Virginia

Brian Rothemich   University of Virginia

Quinn Schreck     Georgia Tech

Anthony Vinson    Hampden-Sydney

Braxton Welch     Virginia Tech

Class of 2016

Class of 2015

Class of 2014

GJ Apostle               Loyola (Baltimore)

Brett Barden             William and Mary

Andy Branin              Virginia Tech

Zach Browne              Dartmouth

Josiah Cherry            Mary Washington

Justin Edwards        Virginia Tech

Jessie Gvozdas           University of Virginia

Owen Hadd                Old Dominion University

Bailey Hall              William and Mary

Thomas Perkins           George Mason University

Ashton Pollard           Penn

Dorothy Reilly           George Mason University

Chandler Shirer          Old Dominion University

Lexie Stavac             Gardner-Webb University

Class of 2013

Conner Bailey VMI
Henry Bassett Mary Washington
Catherine Burns Georgia Tech
Blair Carnes University of Southern California
Ben Cherry Randolph-Macon College
Taylor Copeland Auburn
Gates Dudding Virginia Tech
Nat Frazer Mary Washington
Selina Fuller College of William and Mary
Katelynn Happney St. Francis
Clark Hou Drexel
Hailey Lane Air Force Academy
Chandler Makepeace  College of William and Mary
Katy McDonald James Madison
Jane Nester Johns Hopkins
Dallas Tarkenton Mary Washington
Brad Welch             Virginia Tech
Ellis Wood Kenyon
Eric Yan


Class of 2012

Student Athlete University
Lexi Ayala Penn
Wil Coor Virginia Tech
Maggie Cuthbert Vanderbilt
Ted Fergusson University of Virginia
Nicole Gray  Connecticut
John Hilker  Florida Tech
Hannah Hoffert  Carnegie-Mellon
Kathleen Lampe Randolph-Macon College
Emily Larsen Holy Cross
Jenny Lomicka William & Mary
Tara Mackey   University of Virginia
Kristen Meeker Virginia Tech
Jack Nester   Tulane
Emma Nunn North Carolina
Mark-Willie Sisk   High Point University
Christian Vivadelli Columbia


Class of 2011

Kate Bassett UCLA
Casey Bandman Georgetown
Billy Belt
Alaina Brown Virginia Tech
Rachael Brennan
Chase Copeland UNC-Wilmington
Theresa Dula Penn
Alison Haulsee University of Virginia
Jack Hockman
Kevin Hunt Virginia Tech
Elizabeth Larsen Yale University
Colin Mackey Mary Washington
Brooke Obeck University of South Carolina
Rebecca Rainer University of Florida
Thomas Stephens Stanford University
Allison Titley University of Richmond
Ford Torney Mary Washington
Tim West University of Delaware
Jeri Wisman Old Dominion University
Casey Williams
Elisa Worrell University of South Carolina

 Class of 2010

Mac Anthony Northwestern
Jessica Arndt University of Virginia
Meredith Bayer
Meredith Beale Auburn University
Billy Belt Boston College
Mikey Bogese Yale
Quint Carr William and Mary
Casey Hall
Dimitri Higgins Auburn University
Austin Highfill James Madison University
Hunter Knight Duke University
Kiera Leddy George Mason University
Rachel Naurath University of Virginia
Natalie Rainer VCU
Eric Skorupa Old Dominion University
Emily Stevenson Old Dominion University
Kendall Watt James Madison University
Ben Yacano University of Connecticut


Class of 2009

Conor Blackwood Penn
Emily Campbell James Madison Universtiy
Daniel Copeland United States Military Academy/West Point
Michael Crawley University of Virginia
West Cuthbert Yale University
Will Ericson Washington & Lee
Julie Herzog
Michael Keane
Collette LeClair Clemson University
Alex Lutterbein Virginia Tech
Kyle Martter University of Virginia
Brooks Ross University of South Carolina
Tom Sheranek Virginia Tech
KJ Shaw William and Mary
Carter Stephens Princeton
Rebecca Stevenson Randolph-Macon College
Casey Sweeney College of Charleston
J.H. Vivadelli Arizona State
Kelsey Zimmerman Princeton University
Kelsey Wash Wingate University

Class of 2008

Emily Anthony William and Mary
Jordan Arencibia Indian River
Jonathan Bailey East Carolina
Katie Belfield
Christoph Berger University of Pittsburgh
Megan Berke William and Mary
Nick Berdux College of Charleston
Elizabeth Berry Loyola University
Samantha Bird
Gaites Brown N.C. State University
Brandon Carr West Virginia
James Goodwillie VMI
Colin Heinrich University of Southern Cal
Ben Howe Carnegie Mellon
Rebecca Hunt James Madison
Rebecca Kelley Amherst College
Caroline Little UNC-Wilmington
Justin Litz Virginia Tech
Meagan Madden Davidson
Abby Nunn Yale University
Melinda Sisk James Madison
Rachel Smith James Madison
Mason Wash Franklin & Marshall College
David Wren University of Virginia

Class of 2007

Allie Luscombe Longwood
Sam Martinette US Naval Academy
Jeffery Miller University of Tennessee
Meggie Mizelle Clemson University
Emily Musser Christopher Newport
Anne Summer Myers University of Virginia
Meredith Owenby James Madison
Liz Shaw University of Virginia
Lindsey Stevenson James Madison
Ian Vogt University of Virginia



 Class of 2006

Josh Andres Naval Academy
Max Bernardes West Chester University
Clay Downey James Madison
Ellie LeClair Clemson University
Griffin Lutterbein Virginia Tech
Sara Ridgway William and Mary
John Walk MIT
Garrett Wren University of Virginia


Class of 2005

Caitlin Anderson University of Alabama
Samantha Aponte
Jenny Bigman UNC-Wilmington
Jason Brisson William and Mary
Ashton Goodwillie James Madison
Katie Gruber University of Virginia
Amanda Higuchi
Danielle LeClair Auburn University
Jessica Lee James Madison
Lee Robertson University of Virginia
Lauren Sheranek James Madison
Madeline Sisk University of Georgia
Horia Todor University of Virginia
Kelly Zahalka US Naval Academy

Class of 2004

Susan Cook James Madison University
Millie Campbell Virginia Tech
Teri Dolan
Rachel Florek William and Mary
Cam Garrett US Military Academy, West Point
Julia King George Washington University
Laura LeCroy Radford University
Jared Martin University of Pittsburgh
Daniel Mizelle Naval Academy
Maria Powell James Madison University

Class of 2003

Michael Bear Boston University
Michael Dellenoce Virginia Tech
Andrea Hughes University of Miami
Nicole Losco
Mark Wayne Sisk Louisiana State
Courtney Smith James Madison University
Beck Smock University of North Carolina

Class of 2002

Elaine Bennett University of Virginia
Brad Burton James Madison University
Lucy Carrig University of Richmond
MeriPage Downey James Madison University
Josh Glasco University of North Carolina
Laura Mumper University of Virginia
Jessica Scriver University of Virginia
Cole Taylor University of Georgia

Class of 2001

John Farmer University of Virginia
Bo Greenwood University of Virginia
Murph Halasz University of Indiana
Rebecca Harper University of Florida
Shannon Jones
Katie Johnston
Derek Mulder
Alyssa Roberts
Jon Wilson

Class of 2000

Elizabeth Cook University of Richmond
Jessica Braun
Betsy Downey University of Virginia
Drew Hirth Virginia Tech
Jason Losco
Brody Reid James Madison University
Whitney Smith University of North Carolina

Class of 1999

Ashley Colwell University of Tennessee
Lindsay Smith Class of 1996 University of Richmond