The NOVA Aquatic Centers

NOVA operates two Aquatic Centers in the West end of Richmond. The Regency facility features an eight-lane 50-meter pool and two three-lane 25-yard pools. The Gayton facility provides two 25-meter x 25-yard ten-lane pools. Both Aquatics Centers utilize state-of-the-art air handling and filtration systems. NOVA has the capacity to hosts both short course and long course swim meets year-round.  Both facilities offer locker rooms & changing areas, a dry-land training area, administrative areas, and the Virginia Swim Shop. 

NOVA is unique in many ways, but one important thing that differentiates our club from others is that we "own our own water". This means that we run our own facility, which is maintained by our on-site experts. Our Director of Pool Operations, Mark Kutz, brings 30 + years of experience in maintaining pools through his outside business, The Pool Guy. Mark also swims in our Master's program, so he is in the pool on a regular basis. He has the perspective not only of a pool maintenance professional, but also of a coach and a swimmer.

A question that many parents ask about year-round swimming relates to the safety of being in an indoor pool environment for many hours each week. Our parent-run board and coaching staff keep the health and safety of our swimmers in mind with every decision made and can make changes quickly to the benefit of our swimmers. Over the years, the club has implemented many changes to ensure that the indoor aquatic environment is the best it can be. NOVA has made it a top priority to provide safe and healthy water and air to the hundreds of swimmers who use the facility each day.

Every indoor pool system has three main components: the water, the air and the means to keep both of these things clean and healthy. NOVA's competition pool uses an Ozonation system in conjunction with an automated chlorine/CO2 system, installed in 2003. This system allows us to keep the pool at lower chlorine levels while eliminating the chloramine build up which occurs in most indoor swimming pool environments, leading to that "chlorine" smell and irritating eyes and skin.

Using a system installed in 2005, our training pool uses an Ultraviolet system, also in conjunction with an automated chlorine/CO2 system, which has the same results as the competition pool. Both of these efficient systems, using the best technologies currently available, cycle the approximately 300,000 gallons of water in each pool six times per day. NOVA's systems automatically monitor the water twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, also controlling pH and temperature. In addition, the coaching staff normally checks the water twice daily. All of these efforts combine to keep the pools sparkling clean.

Due to the better water filtration systems, NOVA uses none of the chemicals needed to eliminate chloramines before these changes were made. Not only does this provide a safer environment for our swimmers, but it saves the club thousands of dollars each year.

The facilities use a state-of-the-art air handling system, resulting in cleaner, more breathable air. You will notice that there is little chlorine smell when you enter the building; this means the air inside the building is easier on the lungs than in most indoor aquatic environments.
NOVA is proud to be at the forefront of technology available to ensure clean water and air, resulting in a safe and healthy swimming environment for all of our swimmers. If you have questions about the facility, ask our staff.

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