Teamwork    Achieved through mutual inspiration and friendship
Mentorship    Experienced swimmers as guides for less experienced swimmers
Respect    Give it, earn it, seek it
Enthusiasm    Display a visible positive attitude
Unity    Achieved through camaraderie
Leadership    Responsibility for the success of others
Determination    Perseverance in completing a short term set or task
Dedication    Perseverance in completing a long term set or task
 Achievement   Keeping the end goal in sight
Sense of Humor   Keep it, share it, use it
Courage    The exploration of reasonable risk
Honesty    And its child, trust
Team Spirit   Say it, spray it
Accountability    I am responsible for my own actions
Punctuality    Be there!
Team Pride    We are NOVA-- mighty, mighty NOVA
Reliability    Consistency in training and outlook
Confidence    I can do it