Mark Kutz

Masters, Senior Assistant

[email protected]

Interview: Getting to know Coach Mark


Mark Kutz has been with NOVA since 2002. His first few years were behind the scenes, tweaking and maintaining our pool operations. In 2005, he began coaching. Along with his current coaching duties, which include a focus on our Senior swim groups and our successful Masters program, Mark is now our full-time director of pool operations.

Mark brings a wealth of experience to NOVA. He graduated from VCU with a degree in Health and PE and was captain of the swim team his last two years. His coaching pedigree is extensive: the CAC Rams (a precursor to the current NOVA team), VACS, BRAC (precursor to Poseidon), Poseidon and the Richmond Racers. He was head age group coach with the CAC Rams, BRAC and Poseidon. He was also head coach of BRAC for one season and guided their senior team to a tremendous, achievement-filled year.

In addition to working in the competitive youth program, Mark is the head of NOVA's Masters program, which brings together a small but dedicated group of adult swimmers. Over the past six years, this program has developed into a training group for many of the finest Masters swimmers in the country in their respective age groups. Mark has coached many National Masters Champions as well as occasional national- and world-record performances. He continues to swim himself at many Masters events.

He and his wife, Valerie, have two grown children, Amanda and Ian.He lives on a small farm in Powhatan with several horses, chickens, dogs and a cat. In addition to his busy NOVA schedule, Mark owns and operates The Pool Guy, a pool service company. In his free time, he plays golf and tennis.