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By Coach Emeritus, Geoff Brown LAST WEEK WAS A RARE RESPITE WEEK IN OUR 2021 CHAMPIONSHIP MEET SEASON . . . but we resume...

By NOVA Coaches

UPDATES: Senior Champs format and Psych Sheet

Full meet Psych Sheet Updated 3-2-21 Psych Sheet for Prelims at NOVA Latest Updates After receiving initial entries for the meet, we have determined...

By NOVA Coaches

NOVA Power Capital Campaign Week #4: Pay It Forward

Results at a Glance J ulie Farney adds $50K G oal is $450K by 3/8 Many thanks to our donors  Goal: $600,000 Pledges/Gifts...

By David Schreck

Weekend Practice Changes

Friday: SS/SB/Sen (non SR Champs): 4:45-6:30am Masters: Canceled All other groups: Normal Friday Schedule Saturday: SS/SB/Sen (non SR Champs): 5:00-6:30am SDG: 1:00-3:00pm [Pool 2,...

By David Schreck

NOVAFit Schedule Changes

NOVA is the host site for half the Preliminary Sessions of Virginia Swimming SC Senior Champships. NOVAFit hours will be impacted. Friday March 5,...

By Drew Hirth


By Coach Emeritus, Geoff Brown OUR 2021 CHAMPIONSHIP MEET SEASON CONTINUES - DESPITE THE WEATHER - . . . so our headlining blurb continues...

By David Schreck

NOVAPower Boosts The Community Capital Campaign Week#3

Results at a Glance Head Coach Norm added a new wave . . Thanks to our donors!  Goal: $600,000 Pledges/Gifts through 2/22: $370,000...

By David Schreck

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