NOVA Coaches
Jul 9, 2019


CHAMPIONSHIP MEET DEADLINES  . . . are fast approaching and they are deserving of everyone’s respect. Late entries are possible but costly. These are not NOVA’s meets so NOVA’s well known policy of mercy will have no impact here. With OME (on-line meet entry) meets like Senior Champs and Age Group Champs, the NOVA website entry will need to be transferred from the NOVA site to the actual meet entry so it is technically not a “live” entry page. Nevertheless, it does let coaches know that parents wish swimmers to be entered.



WE BEGIN OUR EVALUATION SCHEDULE THIS WEEK . . . so please pass that vital news on to interested families. Our format is simple: some coaches evaluate swimmers for placement while another coach offers an overview of the NOVA program for parents. Then we re-unite parents and swimmers and answer any remaining questions. Here is our Summer 2019 evaluation schedule in convenient front page of NN format.

We remind current NOVA families that we can evaluate siblings at any time. It is not necessary for current NOVA families to attend an evaluation.

THE CHAMPIONSHIP MEET PHASE OF THE SUMMER SEASON BEGINS THIS WEEKEND . . . with the first of those, Summer Awards, starting this Friday. Because part of our coaching staff is attending this weekend’s offering, practice schedules will be affected. Please check the website or read any practice update e-mails your child’s coach may send. Website updates should be posted by mid-week.

TRAVELING SOMEWHERE UNUSUAL THIS SUMMER . . . ? Take that NOVA red cap along and snap a picture with famous sight in the background! We have some great shots: at the equator, in front of Hagia Sophia, off a high rise in Singapore. We love to see where that NOVA cap is going!

THE VIRGINIA SWIM SHOP IS READY . . .  to fill your every year-round or summer league shopping need. I strongly encourage all NOVA families to do their swimming related shopping at NOVA’s own Virginia Swim Shop and to encourage any summer league friends to do the same. All Virginia Swim Shop profits go to benefit NOVA swimmers. The Virginia Swim Shop staff offers years of unmatched experience and will get your swimmer into the right suit and the right goggles. Check out the NOVA spirit wear as well. If it’s something that NOVA swimmers need or want, the Virginia Swim Shop has it or can get it. It’s easy to order on line but that doesn’t benefit your children the way shopping at the Virginia Swim Shop does. So stop by, chat with our friendly staff and see how they can help you and your swimmer with summer league or NOVA outfitting!


NN BELIEVES THAT IT HAS HEARD FROM ALL COLLEGE-BOUND SENIORS . . . but it remains poised to announce any future collegiate destinations that have been missed. So this may be it. Congratulations to all!

Maggie Baham       Allegheny College
Zachary Carroll      University of Virginia
Colin Clements       William & Mary
Mary Cornett           Penn State
Zack Cram              North Carolina State
Chris DallaValle      Duke
Sally Ennis              Washington & Lee
Claire Evko             University of Lynchburg
Mark Graff               Vanderbilt
Maura Graff            William and Mary
Reid Hutcherson     Villanova
Conner Jorgensen  Virginia Military Institute
Quinn Keatley         Roanoke College
Stephen Laming     University of Virginia
Tillie Lewis              NYU
Alli Lovell                University of the Cumberlands
Patrick Madden      Denison
Caitlin McSorley     University of Virginia
Joey Mistretta         University of Virginia
Iain Moore              Franklin & Marshall
Alexa Owen            University of Virginia
Peyton Proffitt         William and Mary
Clara Rodriguez      University of Virginia
Michael Senter        Randolph-Macon College
Ethan Spencer        DePauw University
Laney Van Lenten   Washington & Lee
Nicholas Viers         Duke