NOVA Coaches


By Coach Emeritus, Geoff Brown


OUR ANNUAL TEAM T-SHIRT . . . is moving through the various complicated stages of development and NOVA families should soon be hearing details through the Swim Shop. Hate to be a teaser but that’s all you get right now! Stay tuned!

for the non-competition pool lot. Please respect the handicapped spaces - this area should not used as a pick-up area. We are requesting that parents have swimmers walk to a parking lot space for any Pool #2 pick-ups!

MORE NOVA SWIMMERS GOT IN THEIR FIRST SPLASHES OF THE NEW YEAR THIS WEEKEND . . .  as more NOVA swimmers dove into 2021 waters. Here at NOVA, we replaced the Greensboro travel with the NOVA January Jubilee, a mostly 12 and under meet. The TYR Pro Series meet visited Richmond once again and seven NOVA swimmers partook of those long course waters. Each meet will be covered in detail below, but NN taps the red cap for Claire Dafoe who qualified for Olympic Trials in the 800 free with an 8:46 clocking on Thursday night. When I spoke to Norm on Sunday morning, I was curious about reactions all around to Claire’s effort. Typically, a cut is made and NOVA teammates rush to congratulate. I was gratified to learn that some aspect of this survived. The other meet attendees opted to warm-up again and stay to watch Claire and Sanna Peterson compete. When Claire made her cut, Norm said he heard screaming in the stands above him. Moments later, those teammates were zipping to the warm-up pool to congratulate Claire. Nice to hear that some traditions, albeit diluted persist!

AT THE TYR PRO SERIES MEET . . .  NOVA swimmers may have drawn inspiration from the Norse God Tyr, sometimes referenced as the god of heroic glory. Heroic certainly describes some of the swims this weekend with many of the participants swimming near or exceeding best times. An unusual percentage of swimmers went 100% best times, generally rare at this level. This meet differed from the first Pro Series meet by offering trials and finals and NOVA swimmers took full advantage of that extra opportunity. Three different NOVA swimmers won events: Grace Sheble, Zoe Dixon and Josephine Fuller. As mentioned earlier, Claire Dafoe dropped nearly 11 seconds in the 800 free and got her first Olympic Trials cut. Yahoo, Claire! Zoe Dixon broke NOVA team records in the 400 IM and Josephine Fuller set new team marks in the 100 and 200 back.

New NOVA Team Records

15-16  NOVA All Time Top Ten 
Claire Dafoe         400 free 3rd, 800 free 2nd, 1500 free 2nd
Zoe Dixon            200 back 1st, 200 fly 5th, 400 IM 1st  
Sanna Peterson   400 free 6th
17-18  NOVA All Time Top Ten 
Aidan Duffy          200 breast 3rd
Josephine Fuller     100 fly 6th, 100 & 200 back 1st
Caroline Sheble      200 fly 8th, 200 IM 6th 

Open/Senior NOVA All Time Top Ten 
Claire Dafoe         400 free 7th, 800 free 2nd, 1500 free 3rd
Zoe Dixon            400 IM 1st, 200 back 2nd, 200 fly 10th
Aidan Duffy          200 breast 5th
Josephine Fuller     100 & 200 back 1st, 100 fly 7th
Caroline Sheble      200 fly 8th      

Olympic Trial Cuts 
Claire Dafoe         800 free
Zoe Dixon            200 back, 400 IM
Josephine Fuller     100 & 200 back
Caroline Sheble      200 fly
Grace Sheble         200 fly

NCSA Junior Cuts 
Claire Dafoe         400, 800 & 1500 free
Zoe Dixon            200 fly, 200 back, 400 IM
Aidan Duffy          100 & 200 breast, 200 & 400 IM
Josephine Fuller     100 fly, 100 & 200 back
Sanna Peterson       400 free, 200 back
Caroline Sheble      200 fly, 200 & 400 IM
Grace Sheble         200 fly, 200 & 400 IM

First Place Winners 
Zoe Dixon         400 IM
Josephine Fuller  200 back
Grace Sheble      200 fly 

100% Best times 
Claire Dafoe        Zoe Dixon     Josephine Fuller 

Barrier Breakers 
Josephine Fuller   <    2:15        200 back
Claire Dafoe       <    4:20        400 free
Zoe Dixon          <    4:45        400 IM
Claire Dafoe       <    8:50        800 free
Claire Dafoe       <   17:00       1500 free 

HERE AT NOVA, . . . we hosted the first ever January Jubilee and the swimming was fast. Maybe our swimmers have warmed to the task of keeping that #1 status.

  • 5 swimmers cracked all time Top Ten lists
  • Aidin Muminovic achieved a 950 power point rating this past weekend score and we do reward outstanding efforts like that with some special apparel. Congratulations, Aidin!
  • 26 different swimmers captured first places. Leading     the way was Gareth Hollender with six; in strong supporting roles were Ashlynn Bonanno, Charlotte Causey, Alex Gertner and Aidin Muminovic with five each.
  • 35 swimmers stroked to new Age Group Champs cuts.
  • 16 swimmers grabbed NCSA Age Group Champs cuts      
  • 80 swimmers achieved TSI’s (out of 140 - not bad).  Pack alpha honors go to Ben Franks, all by his achieving self with six. Swimmers with five TSI’s included Karina Blanco, Gabby Carvalho, Elizabeth Cribbs, Charlie Harrington, Aidin Muminovic and Justinas Petkauskas.              

NOVA All Time Top Ten

  8 & Under 
Charlotte Bruning   50 free 9th, 50 back 10th, 100 back & 100 fly 7th 

Maddie Bynum        50 free 8th
Gareth Hollender   200 back & 100 breast 2nd, 200 breast 1st

Ashlynn Bonanno    400 IM 7th
Caleb Jun          200 breast 9th 

First Place Winners 
Ashlyn Bonanno       500 free, 200 back, 100 & 400 IM, 50 breast
Maddie Bynum          50 & 100 fly, 50 free
Gabby Carvalho       100 fly
Charlotte Causey     100 & 200 free, 100 breast, 100 IM, 50 back
Michael Causey       200 IM, 50 & 500 free, 50 fly
Jack Danahy          100 back
Ben Franks           200 & 500 free
Will Franks          100 fly, 100 & 500 free
Austin Gaylen         50 breast
Alex Gertner         100 back, 400 IM, 50 & 200 free, 200 breast
Brayden Green        100 fly
Taylor Hoffer         50 fly, 50 & 100 free
Gareth Hollender     100 IM, 50 & 100 breast, 50 back, 50 & 200 free
Edward Johnson        50 & 100 breast
Gibson Jones          50 fly
Brady Julian         400 IM
Ellie Laramore        50 back
Valentina Linkonis   100 back
Gabi Linkonis        200 IM
Shanshan Liu         100 back
Caitlyn Moore         50 breast
Kelsey Morris        100 fly
Aidin Muminovic      100 & 200 fly, 50 & 100 back, 100 IM
Cole Nuckols         200 back
Brantley Patterson   500 free
Ryan Smith           100 IM, 50 back 

Age Group Champs Cuts 
John Ackerly          50 & 100 free, 50 fly
Jordan Adams         200 IM, 200 back, 100 free
Jamie Arcarese        50 back
Addison Barnes       100 breast
Anna Barrett         200 IM, 200 back
Wilson Berger        200 IM, 50 & 100 breast
Karina Blanco        400 IM
Graham Brewer         50 back
Gul Chawla           100 free
Elizabeth Cribbs     100 fly
Jack Danahy          200 free
Avery Duke           200 free
James Edwards        100 fly
Mia Eubank           200 fly
Josh Farnsworth       50 back
Bella Glenn          200 back
Charlie Harrington    50, 100 & 200 breast
Cullen Harrington     50 back
Luke Harrington      100 & 200 IM, 50 & 100 back, 200 free
Charlie Hilton       100 & 200 free
Farrah Hollender     100 & 200 IM, 100 free
Alex Horst           100 & 200 IM
Drew Hotem           100 free
Lane Jacobs          200 IM, 200 free
Riley Jones          500 free
Erik Julian          200 IM, 200 fly
Caleb Jun             50 back
Porter Linkonis      100 IM, 100 free
Chance Lowry         200 IM, 50 free
Jackson Morgan       100 back, 200 free
Eric Pelham          200 breast, 500 free
Ashlesha Phadtare    100 fly
Nolan Sardesai       500 free
Natalie Tang         100 free
Tony Zhang           200 breast 

Anna Barrett         200 IM
Ashlynn Bonanno       50 breast
Gabby Carvalho       400 IM, 50 & 100 fly
Elizabeth Cribbs     100 fly
Jack Danahy          200 free
Ben Franks           200 free, 200 back
Charlie Harrington   100 free, 100 & 200 breast, 400 IM
Gibson Jones         200 free
Erik Julian          200 IM
Caleb Jun            200 breast
Porter Linkonis      100 breast, 100 & 200 IM
Valentina Linkonis   200 free
Aidin Muminovic      100 back, 200 fly
Tyler Peat           400 IM
Ashlesha Phadtare    100 fly
Natalie Tang          50 back  

Time Standard Improvements 
John Ackerly        100 fly, 50 free A, 100 IM, 100 free AA 
Jordan Adams        100 free, 200 back, 200 IM AA
Jamie Arcarese      200 IM BB
Addison Barnes      100 fly, 50 breast A
Anna Barrett        100 fly, 50 & 200 back A, 200 IM AA
Zach Bender         100 & 200 IM AA
Wilson Berger       200 IM, 50 & 100 breast, 50 back, 50 fly A
Karina Blanco       100 fly, 50 & 200 breast BB, 200 IM A, 400 IM AA   
Ashlyn Bonanno       50 back AA, 400 IM, 50 breast AAA
Graham Brewer        50 back A
Charlotte Bruning   200 IM A
Maddie Bynum        200 IM AA
Gabby Carvalho       50 breast A, 200 breast, 100 fly AA, 400 IM, 50 free AAA
Charlotte Causey    100 breast AA, 200 free AAA
Michael Causey      500 free A, 200 & 400 IM AA
Gul Chawla          200 IM A, 100 free AA
Elizabeth Cribbs    100 back, 50 & 100 fly, 50 & 200 free AA
Cole Dameron         50 & 100 breast BB
Jack Danahy         200 free AA
Avery Duke          200 free A
James Edwards       100 free, 50 back, 200 IM A
Mia Eubank           50 breast BB, 200 fly, 500 free A
Joshua Farnsworth   200 breast BB, 50 back A, 200 back AA
Lane Francis        200 & 500 free, 200 IM BB
Ben Franks           50 breast, 50 & 100 back, 200 fly AA, 200 & 500 free AAA
Katherine Galang    100 IM A
Grant George         50 free BB
Alex Gertner        400 IM, 50 & 200 free, 100 back AAA
Bella Glenn         200 breast A
Brayden Green       100 back BB, 400 IM A
Hugh Harrell        100 free, 50 fly AA
Lincoln Harrell     200 free BB, 50 back, 200 IM A
Charlie Harrington   50, 100 & 200 breast A, 50 & 100 free AA
Cullen Harrington    50 free A, 100 IM, 50 breast AA
Luke Harrington     100 back, 100 & 200 IM, 200 free A
Gracie Hedrick      400 IM A
Charlie Hilton      100 & 200 free, 50 fly A, 200 IM AA
Farrah Hollender    100 back, 100 breast A, 100 free, 100 IM AA
Alex Horst          100 IM A
Drew Hotem          100 breast, 100 free, 50 back AA
Lane Jacobs         100 & 200 free, 50 fly, 200 IM A
Edward Johnson      200 free AA, 100 IM AAA
Gibson Jones        200 free AAA
Riley Jones          50 breast, 200 fly BB, 50 free A
Brady Julian         50 free AA, 400 IM AAA
Carson Julian       100 fly, 100 IM BB
Erik Julian         100 fly, 200 IM A
Caleb Jun           100 back, 200 fly AA, 200 breast AAA
Ellie Laramore      200 back, 200 free, 200 IM AA 
Gabi Linkonis       200 fly BB, 500 free, 200 IM AA
Porter Linkonis     100 free A, 100 breast AA
Shanshan Liu         50 breast A, 100 fly, 100 IM AAA
Chance Lowry        100 breast BB, 50 & 100 free, 200 IM A
Howard Luo          100 & 200 IM AAA
Hunter McAuliffe     50 free, 200 & 400 IM A
Owen Miklos         200 back, 500 free BB
Jackson Morgan      200 free A, 50 & 100 back AA
Kelsey Morris       400 IM A
Aidin Muminovic     100 breast AA, 50 & 100 back. 200 fly, 200 IM  AAA
Clara Nelson        200 free A
Cole Nelson         200 back, 50 fly BB
Sophia Ng           200 back BB, 100 breast, 200 IM A
Tyler Peat          200 fly A, 400 IM AA
Eric Pelham         200 breast A
Justinas Petkauskas 100 back A, 100 breast, 100 & 200 IM, 100 free AA
Ashlesha Phadtare    50 & 100 free BB, 100 fly A
Cooper Redfern      400 IM BB
Jack Rivet          200 free, 200 IM A
Camden Royster      100 breast, 100 fly, 400 IM B
Candice Santos       50 & 100 fly BB
Nolan Sardesai      500 free A
Olivia Spooner      100 & 200 breast BB, 200 IM, 50 fly A
Ryan Szobota         50 breast B
Natalie Tang        200 IM, 50, 100 & 200 free AA
Peyton Temple       200 IM BB
Emmett Weeks        200 free, 100 fly, 50 breast BB
Christian Weston    200 IM A, 200 & 500 free AA
Charlotte White     200 breast A
Matthew Wolfle      200 fly B, 400 IM, 50 back, 50 free BB
Tony Zhang          200 fly BB, 200 breast A, 400 IM, 100 back AA

100% best times 
Gabby Carvalho        Michael Causey        Elizabeth Cribbs
Josh Farnsworth       Ben Franks                Alex Gertner       
Lincoln Harrell         Charlie Harrington    Charlie Hilton
Farrah Hollender      Aidin Muminovic      Cole Nuckols
Ashlesha Phadtare

Barrier Breakers 
Natalie Tang          <    :30         50 free
Riley Jones
Erik Julian
Hunter McAuliffe
Sophia Ng
Matthew Wolfle
Elizabeth Cribbs      <    :30         50 fly
Gul Chawla            <   1:00        100 free
John Ackerly          <   1:10        100 free
Jamie Arcarese
Charlie Hilton
Lane Jacobs
Porter Iinkonis
Farrah Hollender      <   1:10        100 IM
James Edwards         <   1:10        100 back
Farrah Hollender
Maddie Bynum          <   1:10        100 fly
Erik Julian
John Ackerly          <   1:20        100 fly
Ashlesha Phadtare
Farrah Hollender      <   1:20        100 breast
Sophia Ng
Alex Gertner          <   1:50        200 free
Ashlynn Bonanno       <   2:15        200 back
Aidin Muminovic       <   2:15        200 fly
Jack Rivet            <   2:15        200 free
Tony Zhang
Aidin Muminovic       <   2:15        200 IM
Justinas Petkauskas   <   2:20        200 IM
Jack Danahy           <   2:30        200 free
Luke Harrington
Charlie Hilton
Jackson Morgan
Natalie Tang
James Edwards         <   2:30        200 IM
Erik Julian
Lincoln Harrell
James Edwards         <   2:30        200 back
Bella Glenn
Lincoln Harrell
Gareth Hollender
Caleb Jun             <   2:30        200 breast
Tyler Peat            <   2:30        200 fly
Caleb Jun
Gabby Carvalho        <   2:45        200 breast
Charlie Harrington
Tony Zhang
Jamie Arcarese        <   3:00        200 IM
Ashlesha Phadtare
Drew Hotem            <   3:00        200 breast
Josh Farnsworth
Bella Glenn
Bill Belcher          <   5:00        400 IM
Ashlynn Bonanno
Gabby Carvalho
Charlie Harrington
Tyler Peat
Ashlynn Bonanno       <   5:30        500 free
Ben Franks
Caleb Jun
Ellie Laramore        <   5:50        500 free
Mia Eubank            <   6:00        500 free
Nolan Sardesai        <   7:00        500 free

NN TRADITIONALLY TAKES A LOOK AHEAD AT THE REST OF THE SWIMMING SEASON . . . once we pass the crest of the New Year so here is this year’s versionSome parts of our familiar passage through the championship season remain; others have been COVID-modified. As all readers can surmise, what is projected here is dependent on current conditions prevailing. Take pride and joy in the knowledge that NOVA continues to play a significant role in preserving the role our sport plays in your children’s lives. We thank you for your support and your understanding.

JANUARY IS . . . often quite cold and sometimes brings that dreaded white stuff. Here at NOVA, we take snow in stride: we rarely cancel but we do respect the danger and inconvenience it presents. If bad weather is forecast, we will take a wait and see attitude so please do not expect any early calls on our schedule. Richmond is on the snow/ice line so long experience has taught us that the forecasters often miss. Snow invites respect; ice provokes healthy fear and concern. So we will make a go/no go call fairly close to practice. The worst weather situation involves a late afternoon/early evening storm. The coaching staff typically is already at NOVA as the storm  begins so we will ask incoming traffic how the roads are doing, all the while consulting the various internet and TV weather reports. Daylight and overnight calls are easier because we have more information and can drive out to sample and survey the roads ourselves well in advance of practice. We will err on the side of caution - not HCPS caution, more like private school caution. As always, we remind all NOVA parents to make their own decision and proceed with caution. Then there is that reminder to dress for the weather. We still observe bare-footed or sandal-clad children arriving for practice. The coaching staff strongly advises dressing for success - warm sweats, socks and shoes. Slippers and sandals are comfortable but bad choices! Train like an athlete, dress like an athlete. Parents are specifically asked not to encourage the “run to the warm car” behavior. Convenient and easy - but not in an athlete’s best interest.

. . . a time to remind parents of our bad weather policy . . . that older, driving swimmers check with parents before leaving for home if a storm hits or intensifies during practice. That way parents can tell a child to stay put if conditions have seriously deteriorated. We cannot monitor every call but we do want parents to know that this will be our posted advisory. Practice changes  are based on the conditions on the roads leading to NOVA which are generally well plowed and treated.

. . . a great time for swimmers to embrace a more challenging practice schedule, train smarter and harder, explore new and challenging events. It is the phase of the season before the storm of February meets that begin the championship season.  


. . .  are marked by strict meet entry deadlines for the championship series of meets(see later). Parents attempting to enter the meets after the deadlines will pay a hefty penalty mandated by Virginia Swimming. Even meets run here at NOVA must follow those guidelines. Meets hosted here and coach and swimmer departures to away meets may disrupt the schedule in small and large ways.

 . . . Ah, that Championship season business. . . that seems to consume these two months. For those of you new to NOVA, I’ll sketch out the championship season and then offer a quick glance on later spring into summer.  The first “championship” meet is the 8 and Under District Champs on February 6-7th. This meet is open to all 8 & U swimmers regardless of time qualification. The next meet is the 9-12 Central District Championships, February 12th-14th and it is for all swimmers lacking Age Group Champs qualifying times (see the website for time standards links).  This meet had been expanded this year to include Trials and Finals for 9-10 and 11-12 year olds, one heat of finals for the former, two heats for the latter, but COVID has taken its nasty bite and timed finals will be the rule here. Entry deadlines for these meets will be firm, without wiggle room. The coaching staff would like see all eligible swimmers entered into each meet with a maximum line-up of events.  All 13-18 swimmers who haven’t qualified for AGC or Senior Champs will attend the 13 & O District Champs, held February 19- 21 at the Collegiate Pool. Once again, these will be timed finals only at this point. All those 14 and unders from these meets who make Age Group Champs (AGC) Qualifying times move on to join their previously qualified brethren at the State Age Group Champs March 11th-14th in Christiansburg. All 15 and over qualifiers will join previous qualifiers in the Virginia Senior Champs, March 4th-7th, hosted this year at NOVA and the Collegiate pool(prelims), then finals at the CAC.  A compressed timetable:

2/6-2/7       8 and Under District Champs
2/12-14      12 and under District Champs
2/19-21      13 and over District Champs
3/4-3/7      Virginia State Senior Champs
3/11-3/14    Virginia Age Group Champs

We term this rush of meets the “championship season”.  Following these meets are the various high level All Star or fast qualifying times championship meets listed below. These meets are generally travel meets to the land of Far Far Away but these may also be affected by the appetite for travel and larger meets.  

3/16-3/20    NCSA Juniors, Orlando, FL
3/24-3/27    NCSA Age Group, Orlando, FL
4/16-4/18    Open Water Nationals

So there it all is - a tidy summing up of what lies ahead including that previous surprise.

Remarkable advances are often made by swimmers who immerse themselves in the championship season. The acts of qualifying for a meet, then participating in it often change the trajectories of swimming careers. You must be present to win these sometimes astonishing advances!

COLD WEATHER WILL BE HERE TO STAY FOR TWO PLUS MONTHS . . . so it is definitely time for warm coats, dry shoes and wool hats. Each year, NOVA swimmers continue to arrive at NOVA as if it was summer, dashing from or to a car in a bathing suit.  The good habits of a swimmer’s career begin early and that means dressing warmly when cold winds blow. Shoes, socks, gloves, wool hats and warm parkas do much to blunt winter’s bite. An athlete emerging from a taxing practice needs to let his body and muscles recover inside some warm wrappings.

NOVA’S HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR SWIMMERS . . . continue to announce college choices. Our latest addition is Claire Rankin who will be attending Widener University (PA) in the fall. Claire will continue her swimming career there and I presume this means she will continue to be one of the earliest arrivals on deck! Way to go, Claire!! This list represents all that NN knows so don’t keep your choice a secret and expect it will appear here!! If it isn’t here, it’s because I wasn’t certain enough to take it to press. So let us know!

Anderson Broughton  William & Mary
Morgan Burton       West Virginia
Aubrey Bowles       Villanova
Aidan Duffy         UNC-Wilmington
Josephine Fuller    Tennessee
Kaila Hewitt        ECU
Nikolas Lee-Bishop  Virginia Tech
Jack McCann         NYU
Calli McEvoy        George Mason
Maddie Pierce       South Carolina
Claire Rankin       Widener University
Liam Ryan           Georgetown
Caroline Sheble     North Carolina State
Grace Sheble        North Carolina State
Charlotte Wishnack  Williams  
Annabelle Young     Cincinnati


NOVA COACHES ENDEAVOR TO ANSWER EVERY PARENT E-MAIL . . . in a timely manner: within 24 hours if possible. The same holds true for text messaging. Once we move on deck for practice, we are generally inaccessible. When we come off deck, we sometimes see e-mails that have been directed to us while we are on deck. So check your coach’s schedule before expecting a swift response. And please be mindful that expectations about e-mailing and texting responses differ. If you need an urgent answer, the active medium of making a phone call is best. The 24 hour guideline holds true for the work week,  not the weekends, especially meet weekends. But kindly remember that the unexpected can enter a coaching life and please be patient. Hope that explanation helps.

OUR BEST GUESS AT A TEAM MEET SCHEDULE HAS BEEN POSTED . . . on the website but we emphasize that changes may occur depending on what happens with COVID. We will cast our net of meets farther into the future as we gather new information. Sometimes the ability to run a meet doesn’t match up with the willingness to run a meet or vice versa. All that, as we learned last year, may change. This year, we remain optimistic that it will trend in a positive direction. 

DO YOU OWN A BUSINESS OR MAKE DECISIONS FOR YOUR COMPANY? Consider advertising your product or service or being a club sponsor. For more information, contact [email protected]. Visit the NOVA website under Parent/Fund raising to learn more about our programs. 

VOLUNTEERING QUESTIONS?  Answers right here.  Every NOVA family contributes to the club’s operations by volunteering time and talent.  12 hours is the tariff for new families and 16 for those with returning Novice only swimmers; returning families not meeting that Novice only criteria must volunteer 24 hours per year. Swim meets offer opportunities to volunteer; each family will be sent an e-mail indicating what meet job opportunities are available on-line.  If meets aren’t your preference, NOVA has many additional opportunities to volunteer: committees, fund-raising events, special projects and parties and more. Please see the website for more information. Should NOVA be unable to offer sufficient volunteer opportunities at swim meets, we will re-assess parent volunteer hour requirements and let our membership know of any changes.

check with the staff to see if NOVA has a need. For example, re-doing your kitchen? Have a decent refrigerator? Consider taking the tax write-off and helping NOVA. We just lost one of our refrigerators last week so we are indeed looking for a re-tread! Thanks !

PRE-COVID, WE HAD THE NOVA FLAT HAT BULLETIN BOARD . . . that traced, through pictures, the travels of NOVA families and their NOVA caps. I thought it would be fun to see NOVA’s international bloodlines. Here is the rule: only parents and children count. So parents or children have to be first generation here in the United States. Up to 46!  Last addition, Romania. Don’t hold out on us regarding your point of origin if you’re not on this list! We might start asking questions around the decks if we suspect we have a country we could be adding to this list, so beware !! Come on, folks, don’t be bashful - let’s hit fifty!!! Forty six and counting!! Notable omission? France ! Here’s a thought: excepting the ocean deeps, could we draw an unbroken line from NOVA all the way around the world? I think we can (Yes, we have to go from England to Denmark), but let’s see if we can fill in more of the globe.

Bosnia & Herzegovina
Czech Republic


South Africa
Sri Lanka
The Philippines
United Arab Emirates

E-mail Coach Geoff with any additions. I suspect we will have an amazing NOVA tapestry when we are done - if we ever get done!