UPDATES: Senior Champs Warm Up format and Psych Sheets, Timelines

NOVA Coaches
Psych Sheet - Full meet

Psych Sheet for Prelims at NOVA

NOVA Prelim session Estimated Timelines
The Sunday session will start at 9:10 am

NOVA Covid Meet Facility Map

NOVA Entries

Swim RVA Safety Guide & Meet
Facility Map
SwimRVA Live Streaming Instructions

NOVA Warm Up Times

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Prelims at NOVA

Friday Prelims
Heat Sheet
Saturday Prelims
Heat Sheet
Sunday Prelims
Heat Sheet

Arrive at NOVA by 6:55 am, outside and enter pool by 7:00 am
In water by 7:10 am, Competition starts at 9:10 am

Friday, Saturday and Sunday FINALS at Collegiate School Aquatic Center(SwimRVA)


We finally received the updated Sunday Finals Warm up times. 

NOVA swimmers should arrive by 5:00 pm    Team Meeting with Norm outiside where the coaches hospitality tent is. Right side of facilty not the main entrance. 

We are in the water at 5:20 pm. 

Competition to start by 6:00 pm with final heats of the 1000 freestyle. 

Friday Night Finals Heat Sheet

Saturday Night Finals Heat Sheet


Sunday Night Finals Heat Sheet

Sunday 1000 freestylers at Collegiate School Aquatic Center(SwimRVA)   1000 Free Heat Sheet 
Please refer to your group coaches e-mail for your arrival time. Positive check in closes on Saturday. Heat sheet will be posted here. Swimmers are permitted to warm up 60 minutes prior to your heat. Competition begins at 1:25 pm  Coaches & Swimmers Seating assignments






Latest Updates

Just a few reminders as we head into our Senior Champs’ weekend.

  • All entries are closed (normal entry period and new qualifying period). Remaining entries are no longer considered as new qualifying times or original entry corrections. Entries received after 5 pm yesterday are considered “late entries” and will be charged the appropriate addition fee.
  • Please email positive check-ins for the 1650 Free Athletes must be checked in by 1:00 pm on Thursday in order to be seeded.  
  • Warm-ups on Thursday for the 1650 Free and Sunday for the 1000 Free are for swimmers entered into those events only. Space is limited and to accommodate the necessary warm-up and swim-down for competing swimmers in the 1650 Free and 1000 Free, lane space will be reserved for those swimmers only. Athletes will be seated inside for these distance events. Each athlete has been assigned a seat in the mezzanine as listed with warm ups above. 
  • Traveling swimmers not competing in the 1650 Free will need to make other arrangements for pre-meet swims or wait until the 1650 Free has been completed. Arrangements have been made for pre-meet swims following the completion of the 1650 Free from 6:15 pm to 8:00 pm. Coaches will need to be available to supervise their swimmers.
  • The 1000 Free will be swum alternating women, then men. With the combining of the Girls session and the Boys sessions at each facility we save enough time to allow for a much longer break prior to the start of the 1000 Free allowing the event to be swum with alternating heats which is our normal practice.

After receiving initial entries for the meet, we have determined that it will work to combine the men's and women's sessions at each facility. This will provide a little more rest between events and allow preliminary sessions to end a bit earlier each day.

Here's a quick overview of the plan with details and warmup assignments for each facility to be sent late tomorrow:

6:50 am: Preliminary warmups begin - there will be three waves at each facility

9:00 am: Competition begins