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By Coach Emeritus, Geoff Brown


EARLY EDITION SPECIAL THIS WEEK . . .  So read all about the hottest and latest NOVA news a bit before its usual time!

with new husband, Kenny Banks (Saturday!) after a series of unwelcome COVID-related delays. NN wishes the couple delight and happiness in all their many years to come!


HOPE YOU CAUGHT CHANNEL 12'S INTERVIEW WITH COACH NORM AND OUR OLYMPIC TRIALS BOUND NOVA SWIMMERS . . . but if you didn’t, no matter. Visit the WWBT website and check out what they have to say!!


I PROMISED DAYS AND EVENTS IN LAST WEEK’S NN . . . and suddenly realized that committed the vast resources of NN to an early edition. Our intrepid reporters have been sent afield or perhaps a-pool and their sleuthing brings you a watching guide for NOVA swimmers (alumni and current). Here are the current and remaining qualifiers (it appears, from perusing the psych sheet, that Garrett McGovern did not exercise his option to attend Wave 2):

David Dixon               Zoe Dixon           Josephine Fuller       
Townley Haas           Megan Pulley       Grace Sheble           
Charlie Swanson    

Here’s the rundown of days and swims. These are prelim swims only but NN politely declines to broach the boundaries of good taste and presume semi-final or final swims.

Sunday 6/13

M   400 IM       Charlie Swanson
W   100 fly      Megan Pulley
M   400 free     Townley Haas
W   400 IM       Grace Sheble, Zoe Dixon

Monday 6/14

W   100 back     Josephine Fuller
M   200 free     Townley Haas

Tuesday 6/15

W   200 IM       Grace Sheble, Zoe Dixon, Josephine Fuller
M   200 fly      David Dixon

Wednesday 6/16

M   100 free     Townley Haas
W   200 fly      Megan Pulley, Zoe Dixon, Grace Sheble
M   200 breast   Charlie Swanson

Thursday 6/17

W   200 breast   Zoe Dixon
M   200 IM       Charlie Swanson, David Dixon

Friday 6/18

W   200 back     Josephine Fuller, Zoe Dixon

WE REMAIN #1 . . . in USA Swimming’s Virtual Club Championship long course meters. Five weeks now and we are nearly 10,000 points ahead. But that is a lead that can disappear very quickly so NOVA swimmers should remain ready to defend our top spot. As everyone who follows this always unfolding story knows, this is a “for this week” ranking. But for now, enjoy! Wondering how an individual swimmer (11 and up) can score? Wondering which USA Swimming teams comprise the Top Ten? Visit and see what it takes!!

SUMMER IS HOT AND HERE . . . and that means summer league and thunderstorms and downpours and fireflies and Japanese Beetles and maybe cicadas. As I have in previous weeks, I strongly encourage all NOVA families to do their swimming related shopping at NOVA’s own Virginia Swim Shop and to encourage any summer league friends to do the same. All Virginia Swim Shop profits go to benefit NOVA swimmers in particular and the swimming community in general. The Virginia Swim Shop staff offers years of unmatched experience and will get your swimmer into the right suit and the right goggles. Check out the NOVA spirit wear as well. If it’s something that NOVA swimmers need or want, the Virginia Swim Shop has it or can get it. It’s easy to order on line but that doesn’t benefit your children the way shopping at the Virginia Swim Shop does. So stop by, chat with our friendly staff and see how they can help you and your swimmer with summer league or NOVA outfitting!

SWIM-A-THON WEEK ARRIVES THIS MONDAY . . .  starting here at the NOVA Aquatic Center the week of June 14th and running through the 15th during practice hours (with make-up times) and ending about two weeks later with a finishing flourish at the Regency pool. We have a clever theme: Splash to the Future with some catchy flux capacitor references. Hope to see you this week at the Thon. Parents, please sharpen pencils and counting skills!

WARM WEATHER WARNINGS FOR THE WISE . . . . We all love the onset of warmer weather. Here are some heads-ups from the coaching staff that might make your spring/summer swimming experience more pleasant and more effective:

-Swimmer’s ear prevention: A 50/50 mix of isopropyl alcohol and white vinegar will do the trick. All a couple of drops to each ear during the more humid spring and summer months and that bit of unpleasantness and expense will be avoided.

-Use sunscreen - weekends and gym classes can bring unnecessary ouch to a practice.

-Wear sandals or shoes. A cut toe, a skin flap, a significant slice can be highly annoying when exposed to the movements and length of a practice

-Hydration. Thirst is a sign of dehydration. The practice performance of dehydrated swimmers will suffer. Drink 8-12 ounces 

SUMMER CAN BRING UNSETTLING WEATHER . . . , as we will certain witness in the weeks to come, in the form of thunderstorms and torrential downpours. We have a grounded pool and practices will proceed without being interrupted by the sound of distant thunder. We do evacuate the pool when a storm is right on top of us as an extra precautionary measure. As soon as the storm has passed, we will get back in. We have no mandatory 30 minute policy as many summer pools do. But we do have our own signature Accu-Weather in the form of Coach Drew. He hunts down thunderstorms and makes sure that we are ready for their onslaughts.

THIS WILL BE THE LAST WEEK FOR ALL METRO PUBLICITY . . . , a tidy yarn that ends with an All Metro team dominated by NOVA swimmers. Special congratulations to Grace Sheble, All Metro Swimmer of the Year for her 4th straight year and to Aidan Duffy for his first! Wow!  Here’s the first and second team NOVA members.
1st Team      Female                    Male

50 free       Josephine Fuller   
100 free      Grace Sheble           Nikolas Lee-Bishop
200 free      Sanna Peterson       Aidan Duffy
500 free      Claire Dafoe            Nikolas Lee-Bishop
1000 free    Claire Dafoe            Nikolas Lee-Bishop
1650 free    Claire Dafoe            Nikolas Lee-Bishop
100 bk        Josephine Fuller     
200 bk        Josephine Fuller     Ben Gordon
100 br        Grace Sheble          Aidan Duffy
200 br        Josephine Fuller      Aidan Duffy
100 fly        Zoe Dixon               Devin Naoroz
200 fly       Grace Sheble        
200 IM       Grace Sheble          Aidan Duffy
400 IM       Zoe Dixon               Aidan Duffy

2nd Team      Female                    Male

50 free                                      Christian Mayr 
100 free     Josephine Fuller          
200 free     Zoe Dixon               Nikolas Lee-Bishop
500 free     Caroline Sheble      Craig Bohlman
1000 free   Sanna Peterson      Craig Bohlman
1650 free   Sanna Peterson      Craig Bohlman
100 bk       Zoe Dixon                Anderson Broughton    
200 bk       Zoe Dixon               Devin Naoroz
100 br        Josephine Fuller     Liam Ryan
200 br        Grace Sheble         Jack McCann
100 fly       Grace Sheble          Anderson Broughton
200 fly       Caroline Sheble      Xander Schreck
200 IM       Zoe Dixon               Liam Ryan
|400 IM      Grace Sheble         Ben Gordon 

NOVA’S HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR SWIMMERS . . . continue to announce college choices. We have received most seniors’ choices but waiting lists mean that we can’t quite close the book on next year’s college freshmen. We have two updates: Savanneh Salmon and Chris Johnson will make a twinned passage to Raleigh and North Carolina State, bringing our NSCU total this year to four! Chris will follow in the footsteps of older brother Jacob in joining the Wolfpack. Congratulations to all who have made their choice! This list represents all that NN knows so don’t keep your choice a secret and expect it will appear here!! Word on the street is that this is a fairly definitive list! 

Aubrey Bowles       Villanova
Anderson Broughton  William & Mary
Morgan Burton       West Virginia
Skylar Dacey        Bryant University
Aidan Duffy         UNC-Wilmington
Andrew Eastep       William and Mary
Josephine Fuller    Tennessee
Kaila Hewitt        ECU
Kai Hintze          ODU
Chris Johnson       North Carolina State
Erik Kratzer        Roanoke College
Brian Kwon          Purdue University
Nikolas Lee-Bishop  Virginia Tech
Jack McCann         NYU
Calli McEvoy        George Mason
Dominic Mistretta   Virginia Tech
Eliza Oberle        JMU
Maddie Pierce       South Carolina
Claire Rankin       Widener University
Liam Ryan           Georgetown
Savanneh Salmon     North Carolina State
Colin Schmidt       University of South Carolina
Jason Seitz         Oklahoma Christian University
Caroline Sheble     North Carolina State
Grace Sheble        North Carolina State
Kersten Smith       UVA-Wise
Will Stevens        University of Virginia
Paige Strycker      University of Mary Washington 
Jay Tucker          Mississippi State University
Charlotte Wishnack  Williams
Michael Wood        Regent University 
Annabelle Young     Cincinnati
Anran Zhao          University of Virginia


NOVA COACHES ENDEAVOR TO ANSWER EVERY PARENT E-MAIL . . . in a timely manner: within 24 hours if possible. The same holds true for text messaging. Once we move on deck for practice, we are generally inaccessible. When we come off deck, we sometimes see e-mails that have been directed to us while we are on deck. So check your coach’s schedule before expecting a swift response. And please be mindful that expectations about e-mailing and texting responses differ. The 24 hour guideline holds true for the work week, not the weekends, especially meet weekends. But kindly remember that the unexpected can enter a coaching life and please be patient. Hope that explanation helps.

DO YOU OWN A BUSINESS OR MAKE DECISIONS FOR YOUR COMPANY? Consider advertising your product or service or being a club sponsor. For more information, contact [email protected]. Visit the NOVA website under Parent/Fund raising to learn more about our programs. 

BEFORE DONATING ELSEWHERE . . . check with the staff to see if NOVA has a need. For example, re-doing your kitchen? Have a decent refrigerator? Upgrading to a larger TV? A look around NOVA reveals a continuing need for small to medium flat screens. Consider donating and helping NOVA. We will be in need of items for the new pool so please think of NOVA as the tax year begins, middles or ends!

PRE-COVID, WE HAD THE NOVA FLAT HAT BULLETIN BOARD . . . that traced, through pictures, the travels of NOVA families and their NOVA caps. I thought it would be fun to see NOVA’s international bloodlines. Here is the rule: only parents and children count. So parents or children have to be first generation here in the United States. Up to 46!  Last addition, Romania. Don’t hold out on us regarding your point of origin if you’re not on this list! We might start asking questions around the decks if we suspect we have a country we could be adding to this list, so beware !! Come on, folks, don’t be bashful - let’s hit fifty!!! Forty six and counting!! Notable omission? France ! Here’s a thought: excepting the ocean deeps, could we draw an unbroken line from NOVA all the way around the world? I think we can (Yes, we have to go from England to Denmark), but let’s see if we can fill in more of the globe. 

Bosnia & Herzegovina
Czech Republic


South Africa
Sri Lanka
The Philippines
United Arab Emirates

E-mail Coach Geoff with any additions. I suspect we will have an amazing NOVA tapestry when we are done - if we ever get done!