As a non-profit organization, NOVA relies on not only dues and fees, but also fundraising done by our families. Our yearly fundraising obligations are as follows:

  • First year families: $100 per swimmer per year
  • Each Novice Silver or Novice Gold swimmer: $125 per swimmer per year
  • Each swimmer above Novice level: $225 per swimmer per year
  • The maximum fundraising obligation for any family is $450 per year

Many fundraising opportunities exist throughout the year. Details about our main programs can be found below. Occasionally, we will offer other fundraising options. We recommend that families get started early in the season and use a combination of programs. Please note: if you do not meet your annual fundraising obligation, you will be billed the remaining amount at the end of the swim season (July/August). Please contact the NOVA Business Office at 804-750-1183 with any questions related to fundraising.

TRACK YOUR FUNDRAISING ONLINE!  You can track your fundraising online, just like your volunteer hours! The office will update totals periodically. To view your total obligation and what you’ve raised, sign in to your account on the website, look under ‘My Account’ then ‘My Invoice/Payment’, and choose ‘Fundraising’ tab at the top. 


Shop with Scrip - Available year round

NOVA purchases Scrip gift cards from the Great Lakes Scrip Center at a discount and then resells the gift cards to families for full face value. The discounts vary with each participating retailer and range from 2% to 15% or more. These discounts are applied to each participating family’s fundraising obligation. You simply order your gift cards online from Choose from hundreds of different options, such as iTunes, Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Macy's, and restaurants. Hotel, cruise, and gas cards are useful for travel with sufficient planning. You can get all your gift cards in one place! 

Directions for buying Scrip:

1.   Go to

2.   Find the orange login box and click "Not a Member - Click Here" to register.

3.   Once registered, join our organization by using NOVA's Organization code. Contact the Business Office for this code.

4.   SHOP! Browse through the hundreds of brand options.

5.   Print your order confirmation page and bring it to the business office or red payment box with a check. We will release the order within several days of check receipt and will notify you when the cards have arrived, usually within 3-4 days.

OR, Use PrestoPay to set up an automatic ACH payment so you don’t have to bring in a check to pay for your scrip cards. Sign in and look for PrestoPay, then set up your banking information. There is a $0.15 per transaction fee. You can order scrip from home, pay for it online, and get your cards sooner and without an extra trip to NOVA!

Kroger Gift Cards - Available year round

We offer $100 Kroger gift cards for purchase. 4%, or $4 of each card purchased, goes back toward your fundraising. Cards can be purchased in the business office. 

Kroger Community Rewards - Available year round

Although it won’t count toward your fundraising (unfortunately, Kroger doesn't provide individual purchaser information), you can designate NOVA as the beneficiary of your Kroger shopping. 5% of your purchases comes back to NOVA if you tag your loyalty card in one of two ways:

1.     Call 1-800-576-4377, choose Option #3, provide your Kroger Plus loyalty card # and ask that it be linked to NOVA, #82866

2.     Log onto, register your Kroger Plus loyalty card online if needed, then choose Community Rewards under the Community tab at the top. Use organization code #82866 to link your card to NOVA.

Midas – Available year round

NOVA is partnering with Midas. Buy a $20 certificate for an oil change (a $43 value), and $8 will count toward your fundraising. Buy as many as you want! Certificates can be purchased in the Business Office.

Fall Fundraising Kick Off - For 2018/19, we'll have a special fundraising kick off, with some great options to choose from. Dates for this fundraising period are September 24 - October 10, 2018. We will have two options - Virginia Diner and Yankee Candle - choose one, or do both! Read on for more details...

Virginia Diner Peanut Sales - 9/24/18 - 10/10/18

The Annual Virginia Diner Fundraiser takes place in late September/early October. Parents and swimmers can pick up order forms at NOVA and place orders for peanuts and other goodies for themselves and friends and family. Up to 50% of the proceeds go to NOVA and count toward your fundraising commitment! Orders will arrive before Thanksgiving.

Yankee Candle – 9/24/18 - 10/10/18

This year, Yankee Candle is another fundraising option. Candles and other décor/fragrance items are available through the catalog or online. 40% of sales count toward your fundraising. Items will also arrive in late November.

Annual Swim-A-Thon - usually April each year 

NOVA holds its Swim-A-Thon event every spring to raise money for the club.  All swimmers, from Novice to the Senior groups, are invited to swim laps and join the fun. Kids secure sponsorships from relatives, friends, and as they swim to raise money for NOVA. 100% of the donations count towards fundraising requirements.  T-shirts are given out to participants, and prizes are awarded to those swimmers who raise a significant amount of money. Specific information is given out to all parents and swimmers far in advance of the Swim-A-Thon date so everyone can plan for this great NOVA family event!
Heat Sheet Advertising - Available for NOVA home meets 

Heat sheets are sold at each home meet and list the events, heats and lanes for all swimmers. NOVA sells ad space in these books for very reasonable costs. 10% of any paid ad placement for your business or someone you refer counts toward your annual fundraising obligation. For more information on ad sizes, dates and pricing, check with the Business Office.

United Way - Anytime

Please consider making a gift to NOVA through the United Way. We are a 501(c)(3) organization. Our agency code is 4434.
Corporate Matching Gifts - Anytime
As a non-profit organization, NOVA can benefit from a matching gift from your company. Submit any necessary paperwork from your firm, and we'll take care of the rest. See the Business Office for more information.
Write a check
Don't want to use any of these options? You are welcome to write a check for your fundraising obligation any time during the year.