Senior Development Gold (SDG)-  The Senior Development group is designed to serve as a bridge between the Age Group (11-12 yr olds), and Senior (14 & over) groups.  This group is strictly a 13 & 14 year old practice group. The SDG group is designed to introduce swimmers to the level of training required to excel at the senior level. The Senior Development swimmers will be expected to maintain a minimum level of 5 practices per week. Coaches reserve the right to recommend that swimmers, who are consistently unable to maintain the practice standards, transfer to another group. 

Coaches look for: 

- Attendance commitment to 5 to 6 practices per week.
- Multiple "A" times for 13-14 yr olds and/or Age Group Champ cuts.
- Meet participation is expected
- Championship meets are required
- Swimmers must be able to train consistently the group’s high level.  Before moving into this gold group, swimmers must be leaders in their current group and succeed on the fastest interval.  Technique must be sound so injury does not occur with added yardage.
- Coach recommendation.

Mike Julian
Sr. Dev. Gold,  Senior Coach