Senior Development Silver  (SDS)- This group is designed for the 13 to 15 year old swimmer who needs more of the physical and stroke development necessary for the Senior Development Gold or Senior level. This group will continue to enhance stroke technique as well as develop cardiovascular conditioning. These swimmers may attend practice 3-5 times per week.  Attendance of meets is strongly encouraged. We do expect a wide range of motivational levels in this group and will coach according to the needs of each individual.

Coaches look for: 

- Attendance of meets is strongly encouraged
- Swimmers are encouraged to swim a minimum of 4 practices a week. Swimmers can attend up to 5 practices per week. 
- Swimmers with BB times, especially in 200 and longer distances
Before moving into either the SDG or morning Senior level group, swimmers must be leaders in the SDS group and succeed on the fastest interval.  Technique must be sound so injury does not occur with added yardage at the next level.
- Coach recommendation.

Lead Coach 
David Schreck
Clark Hou