NOVA's coaching staff is one of the most dedicated, and decorated, coaching teams in the country. Each professional coach has the experience needed to guide each NOVA swimmer in his or her personal swimming quest. Whether your child is learning to swim, looking to improve technique, or trying to make it to the Olympic Trials, our coaches can help.

Most of our coaches work full time for NOVA. Our club has worked hard to make sure that we are able to attract the best and brightest, and that NOVA keeps them. Some of the most seasoned coaches work with the youngest swimmers. The wealth of experience is evident and directly translates into our success as a club, at all levels.

Our coaches view their work as a way to build swimmers inside and out. A focus on quality of instruction over quantity of laps means your child benefits from an environment where goals are set and met and successes are celebrated in a safe and nurturing environment. Practices focus on age-appropriate, targeted training designed to ensure that kids know proper technique. Advancement happens when the right combination of skill, age and commitment comes together.

Contact one of our coaches by clicking on a link below. For all questions related to administrative aspects of the club, such as dues, safety, or policy issues, please contact our business office at 750-1183 or at [email protected]

Norm Wright
[email protected]
Head Coach,
Senior Gold

Geoff Brown
 Senior Gold, Novice Gold

Drew Hirth
Age Group Dev. Gold,
Meet Manager and
Facilty manager

David Schreck
 Sr. Development Gold &
Silver groups

Mike Julian
Sr. Dev. Gold, Senior Coach

MC Thomas
Age Group Gold,  
Age Group Dev. Gold

Mark Kutz

The Ultimate Senior Assistant,
Senior Group

Lisa Brown

Novice Silver,  
Lessons Coordinator

Wyatt Haas

Age Group Dev. Silver,
Senior Bronze

Luke Nelson
Age Group Silver, Age Group
Development Silver,

Strokes School, 
Strokes & Conditioning

Megan Garland

Senior Development Gold
& Senior Silver Groups

Anita Dillman

Age group Bronze, Novice Gold


Matt Bailey

Age Group Gold,
Sr. Development Bronze
Strokes & Conditioning

Clark Hou
Sr. Dev. Silver, Novice Silver
Strokes & Conditioning


Elena Reshchikova
Pre-team Lessons, Adult lessons
Novice Prep

Tim Dolan
Age Group Bronze 

Michael Cousins
Age Group Bronze 

Laurel Reid

[email protected]
Age Group Dev. Silver,
Age Group Silver



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