Event Fundraising
2022 Swim-A-Thon: NOVA SWIMEME
Meme for the Dream Team
APR 23
Time: 11:00 AM
EIN: 541427388
NOVA Aquatic Center at Regency Mall
Ann McGee Email
NOVA Supporters:

YOU DID IT! Thank you for your contributions to the 2022 NOVA Swim-A-Thon! We are grateful.

That's what I call NOVAStrong!

Please don't forget to turn in your prize forms.

Participants | Rank 0/461
$2,142.50 Aidin Muminovic
$2,075.00 Brantley Patterson
$1,596.00 Asmara Pina
$1,595.00 Desta Pina
$1,500.00 Harper Edmunds
Top Roster (amount)
$13,545.83 Senior Dev. Gold
$11,402.67 Age Group Dev. Gold
$10,623.00 Age Group Silver
$10,056.82 Age Group Dev. Silver
$9,626.00 Senior Dev. Silver
Top Locations (amount)
$82,574.63 NOVA
$31,274.76 Nova
$280.00 Unassigned