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ODAC History

ODAC began in 1978 as part of Old Dominion University’s Bounty - Rainbow program.  The Bounty Otters were coached by Larry Shopfe.  At its inception, the Bounty Otters Club numbered fifteen members.  Larry Shopfe left the team in 1980 to accept a coaching position in Jacksonville, Florida.  At that point in time, the parents of Bounty Otters initiated the Club that would eventually become the Old Dominion Aquatic Club(ODAC).

In 1980, Perry Lange was hired to coach the Otters on a full time basis, and the name was changed to ODAC.  Perry Lange remained as Head Coach until 1984.  He was assisted by Bryon Kolding, Kevin Driscoll and Kim Wise.  During 1983, a full time Head Age Group Coach, Mike Anderson joined the staff.  In 1984, Mike and his wife Kathy left ODAC to accept coaching positions with the Reno Nevada Swim Team.

What began with the 15 Bounty Otters (in 1978) had grown to 85 swimmers by the fall of 1984.  At that time, the Club made a commitment to seek national ranking and recognition.  To achieve this goal, ODAC hired Bill Peak as Head Coach.

Kentucky native, Bill Peak came to ODAC from the Lakeside Swim Team in Louisville, Kentucky.  Under Bill, the goal identified in 1984 was realized.  ODAC is now nationally regarded as a proven and consistent force within USA Swimming.

Upon Bill’s departure in the fall of 1993 for the Trinity Swim Team (Orlando, Florida) the Club launched an extensive search that resulted in receipt of sixty-seven applications from across the U.S.A..., Canada and Europe.  The result of this process was the recruitment of Steve Bialorucki, a young coach who already had established a formidable reputation within the USA Swimming club establishment.  Steve possesses a degree of vitality that benefits not only ODAC, but also all of Virginia Swimming.  He is currently rated among the top ten coaches in the country by ASCA (American Swimming Coaches Association)

Under Steve’s leadership the number of ODAC swimmers has grown from 65, when he first arrived here, to over 200.  We now have approximately 150 families involved in ODAC.  This growth, when combined with a number of ODAC college swimmers during holidays and the summer, provides our younger swimmers with a unique opportunity in their sport.

ODAC Culture

Old Dominion Aquatics (ODAC) is a parent -run organization dedicated to offering the finest in aquatic instruction and training available anywhere. We are members in good standing of USA Swimming, the National Club Swimming Association and Virginia Swimming. Since our inception, we have had tremendous success in competition and organizationally.

At ODAC we do more than just swim, we offer a variety of social events throughout the year. Events ranging from Inter-squad meets with a theme, "New Parents" picnic, Holiday Party and Spring Banquet where we recognize our season accomplishments. We also take the opportunity to recognize our graduating seniors and present our three scholarships.

ODAC Coaches’ Philosophy

Competitive swimming is one of the best amateur sports for our youth. The sport, and the people associated with it, exemplify and build character, discipline, leadership, self esteem, physical fitness and teamwork. These values are taught and reinforced for use throughout a lifetime.

Coaches at ODAC believe that a successful competitive program is not an accident. It is a well organized activity that emphasizes a series of developmental stages and a consistent philosophy of total involvement and personal challenge. Coaches at ODAC believe that for a competitive program to succeed, it must be built on the foundation created by a strong program for younger swimmers. At a young age, ODAC swimmers begin their mastery of stroke technique. As this mastery comes to fruition, the swimmers begin to focus more on training and swimming faster.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Old Dominion Aquatic Club is to promote competitive swimming as a USA Swimming team for athletes at all levels of ability. We define success as sustained, individual pursuit of excellence bounded only by our swimmer’s desires and personal abilities, which allows them to be the best they can be, achieve personal goals and have fun in the program.

We maintain a system of personal values among our swimmers: which are honesty, integrity and sportsmanship.
We promote a team environment which encourages goal setting, hard work, personal commitment and camaraderie.