This section is for ODAC members and will be updated during the season to provide information for the volunteers on support for upcoming ODAC meets.


Announcer: The announcer is in charge of making general meet announcements over a microphone
at a swim meet such as when warm-ups will begin, when the meet starts, where coaches and officials
need to meet, and other information that everyone needs at a swim meet. Other functions include
playing the national anthem, music during warmup/breaks, and announcing event results.

Runner: The runner collects printed results from the computer table and posts them at the
designated location. The runner also collects heat sheets following each event and turns them into
the dry deck officials. Two persons share this task to balance the task.

Timer: Each lane will have 1 timer for the 25-meter events at the turn end of the pool. For the 50
yard events, at this meet, timers will double up on Lanes 1, 3, and 5 at the starting block end of the
pool in order to maintain proper physical distancing. Timers use stopwatches and automatic buttons
(50-meter events) to record times for the swimmers participating in the meet. Timers may be
required to record times on a clipboard.

Head Timer: The Head Timer supervises the timers in each lane and assists a timer if there is a
timing malfunction. The Head Timer starts 2 watches for each heat and then supplies them to any
timer whose watch didn't start for whatever reason.

Ribbon Helpers: Sort and apply labels to the back of ribbons as event results are completed.

Meet Marshal: Responsible for monitoring the behavior of swimmers and spectators on the pool
deck to ensure the safety of the swimmers. Assist the Meet Director in maintaining the pool deck
clear and spacing to meet physical distancing requirements. This includes supervising screening
Please review specific requirements from Virginia Swimming at

Heat Clerk of Course: These volunteers ensure swimmers are in the correct lane for their event.
This greatly aids the inefficient operation of the meet. For this meet, there are a total of 5 heat
locations where swimmers will stage for their events with physical distancing. These are Heat
Markers A, B, C, D, and E will have a corresponding Heat Clerk of Course.

Setup and Takedown: These volunteers meet at specified times prior to and after the meet in
order to unload supplies, set up equipment, break down equipment, load vehicles, etc. Specific
needs will be briefed by the Meet Director and Meet Support Lead in advance of the meet.

Parking Assistance: Due to the extremely limited amount of parking available at GBSRC, these
volunteers are essential to efficient parking and arrangements. This greatly helps the flow of traffic
and ensures the safety of pedestrians entering and exiting the facility.

Screening Station: In order to meet current screening requirements set by the VDH, all persons entering the facility must answer a series of questions and have a temperature check (by non-
contact) a device in this case.

Meets Committee Duties and Responsibilities