Midlothian Athletic Club (MAC)

We are pleased to have the Home of Poseidon Swimming at the Midlothian Athletic Club. Located at 10800 Center View Dr., Midlothian VA 23235, this location is surrounded by shopping, restaurants and is easily accessible from Route 60/Midlothian Turnpike. Poseidon swimmers (and parents) will have access to a full range of exercise equipment for dryland training, as well as to the indoor and outdoor pools. MAC also offers Poseidon families exclusive discounted rates for joining the facility:

Student Membership: $25
Single Adult Membership: $40
Couple Membership: $65
Family Membership: $80

These rates are good September-July and will include the last part of August when our program starts up.

We are thrilled to announce Woodlake Aquatic & Fitness Center as our satellite location! We will offer training for all groups in the indoor 8-lane pool and some training outside in the 8-lane pool during the summer. Woodlake is located at:

14710 Village Square Pl.
Midlothian VA 23112