Poseidon Swimming Lessons

Poseidon Academy

Poseidon and Midlothian Athletic Club (MAC) are pleased to announce a partnership called the "Poseidon Academy." Since 1988, Poseidon Swimming has been training competitive swimmers of all levels. We are excited to offer both group and private lessons to beginning swimmers, competitive swimmers, student and adult tri-athletes and anyone looking to improve their technique in the water. Group lessons are in blocks of six; while private lessons can be completely customized and scheduled at your convenience with any one of our experienced instructors. 
If you are a competitive swimmer looking to improve your technique, our Stroke Academies will do just that. Sign up for one, or sign up for several. 
Questions about our lessons program can be directed to Becky Hofmann at  admin@poseidonswimming.com or by calling 804-330-2222 ext 315 or 833-swm-fast (796-3278).