What Should I Expect at Your First Swim Meet

For a lot of new swimmers going to a swim meet can be a nervous time. No worries! Swim meets are a celebration for our athletes and can be a fun, learning experience. Having the essential equipment will give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy the competition with greater comfort. Just like your summer meets it will be a crowded loud environment.   
Parking is available at most venues and directions can be found in the meet information section of the Poseidon web site.
USA Swimming meets are pre-seeded and heat sheets are sold at the venue. There is no clerk of course as the athletes report behind their block when the event is called. Please send (or bring) your young athlete to the coaches in advance of their event.
What do I bring?
Items that you should bring include team suit, team cap, goggles towels, folding chair, healthy snacks and clothes including shoes, to wear over your wet suit to stay warm. Also recommended is something to do such as IPod, a book (homework) or newspaper. Most events have concession stands if you are in a rush and forget to pack. Healthy snacks such as fruit, bagels and sports drinks are good choices. Avoid foods with a lot of fat, fiber and refined sugar. You also want to avoid that bloated feeling during competition.   
What to do and what not to do!
Warm up and on deck times will be posted on the front page of the Poseidon web site. We always want our troops to report on deck fifteen minutes prior to our scheduled warm up. This also allows the coaches to check off who may be absent and our parents to “set up” a good seat in our team area! At many venues bleacher seating is available so you may wish to bring a pad to sit on. 
  • Do get a good night sleep.
  • Do wear your team suit and cap.
  • Do cheer for your team mates.
  • Do congratulate your competitors.
  • Do remember to be respectful and display good sportsmanship at all times.
  • Do remember to eat and drink a little between events
  • Do not over eat.
  • Do not run around the venue; conserve your energy for the race.
  • Do not leave the meet without first checking with your coach as you may be competing in a relay.
  • Parents – Please wear your Poseidon attire to the event. Please remember to be supportive of all Poseidon athletes and you should always be positive no matter the outcome of the race. Please have your athlete check in with the coach before and after their events.  Feel free to say hello to your coach at any time realizing conversation may be short as our attention is always focused on our athletes. Obviously if a problem arises talk to a coach right away. If you have a question please contact a coach for assistance.
  • Our goal is to have fun while swimming fast. Our aim is to be positive with our athletes at all times. Negativity will only make the athlete more nervous and less likely to perform at their best.
So here we go. Remember that the competition is simply a stop of many along the journey. The competition gives our staff an opportunity to check for skill development and access individual and team advancement. The competition gives your family an opportunity for time together and a time to get to know the rest of our family. Big Fun – Fast Swimming! GO POSEIDON!