Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


Q: My child has never taken swim lessons, how do I know what level is right for him/her?

A: There is a guide called "Choosing a Level" under the Poseidon Swim School drop down tab on the Poseidon Swimming homepage which describes the skills required for each level. For additional help, the lessons director can assist when registering.

Q: I called the lessons office and no one answered.   

A: The lessons director is answering calls and returning messages in the order they were received. Please leave a message and your call will be returned.

Q: My child was swimming and comfortable in the water last year but is afraid and seems to have forgotten his/her skills this year.  What happened?

A: Young children learn swimming skills by repetition and practice. If a child has not been in the water in even just a few months, they may experience some regression of their skills and have to relearn them. 

Q: My child's progress assessment only has one item not proficient or above, why does he/she have to repeat that level?

A: Often that one skill in which they are not proficient is the most important and challenging skill to pass in a level. Poseidon Swim School has only 5 levels, and those levels have specific skills each student must master. The skills needed to pass a level are mandatory for the next level.

Q: Couldn't we just put my child in the next level to challenge him/her?

A: No. Putting a swimmer in a level they are not ready for will not accelerate their learning, in fact it will do the opposite. It could also negatively impact the lesson experience for the rest of the swimmers that do belong in that level. If this happens you may not be guaranteed a spot in the session.

Q: What can I do to help prepare my younger child for lessons?

A: It’s important for your child to feel comfortable in the water.  Pool playtime with parents is very important for younger children, but you can make the most of bathtime, too. Learning to blow bubbles, familiarizing them with having their face, eyes and ears wet will all help prepare your child for lessons in the future.

Q: Is enrollment in subsequent sessions automatic?

A: No. A swimmer must be registered online for each session they intend to swim.

Q: What is the best way for me to get information from my child's instructor about his/her progress?

A: The best time to talk with an instructor when the class is completely over. Please do not take up class time when the instructor is teaching. If an instructor has a class right after your child's class, please keep questions/comments brief so as not to infringe on the next lesson time. If necessary, you can pass along a question to one of the lessons directors and they can find an answer for you.

Q: Will my child be on the swim team when they finish the Poseidon Swim School program?

A: Our program teaches proper stroke technique as if each swimmer in lessons would be swimming on the team someday. Some swimmers do join the team, while others learn to swim in our program to be confident and safe in the water, which is an important life skill. All swimmers are taught in the same manner, no matter their goal. Once they finish Level 5, they will be evaluated for team readiness.

Q: My child is resistant to taking swim lessons, what should I do?

A: Learning to swim should be a priority for every family. It’s an important life skill that can reduce the risk of drowning, which is a top cause of death among children.  Children – and their parents – should learn to swim so that time in the water is fun and safe.  Not all children develop at the same rate and not all children are ready to start swim lessons at the same age, but there are things parents can do to make their children more comfortable in the water and prepare them for swim lessons (see the answer to What can I do to prepare my younger child for lessons?).

Q: My child is in a weekend session and we went to swim lessons and there were no lessons, why wasn’t a notification sent out about lessons being canceled?

A: The weekend lessons are scheduled by specific dates that are on the website. Certain weekends during a session may be skipped due to holidays, and those weekends off are planned ahead of time and noted in the schedule. Please note those dates when registering for a session.


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