Swim Gear

All swimmers competing in a meet must have a team cap and team suit.  The team provides some of the equipment necessary for practice and some items must be purchased by the member.


All swimmers:  

Team cap: White for practice, Blue for meets (silicone or latex)

Swim Suit: Poseidon Team suit

T-shirts to wear for meets: White (Friday),  light blue (Saturday), and navy blue (Sunday)  


Practice group equipment to purchase: 

White & Blue: Jr. Kickboard, long rubber fins, and jump rope

Junior: Jr. Kickboard, long rubber fins, snorkel, pull buoy, and jump rope

Age Groups:  Jr. Kickboard, long rubber fins, snorkel, pull buoy, and jump rope

Senior:  Jr. Kickboard, snorkel, Hydro tech 2 fins, and jump rope


Goggles are a personal preference, it is suggested that swimmers have 2 pair.

All other items, like bags, jackets, etc. are optional and can be purchased from Swim & Tri.


Order through Swim & Tri Team Portal


Dryland Equipment

Mini Band: 1 foot long loops that are meant to go around your knees
Large Resistance Bands: ~3 ft loops that range from 1/4” up to 3” or so. Most kids will need ¼”. Stronger kids may want ½”, but that is the max.
Surgical Tubing: the surgical tubing style resistance bands, lighter and often come in packs with handles. They are NOT looped like the other bands.