2021-2022 Athlete Group Assignments

Please find the following athlete group assignments for the upcoming 2021-2022 seasons. Each year we always have some changes so if you want to discuss your athlete please feel free to reach out to Joss or Ted. If you do not see your athlete's name, please contact us with your intentions. We are really excited with our athletes’ advancements this past year and look forward to the possibilities of the future! 


Senior Group – We have a younger team than in years past. Our younger athletes should be considered “Pre-Senior” where they will follow training schedules similar to young SR swimmers in years past which will provide training progression as they age. No doubles and Wed morning off. 

Triton Home School Group – Spread the word of our Triton program to your home school friends. This year we are adding 15 minutes to the practice to accommodate our 12 and older swimmers.

Here is a really nice testimony from one of our Triton parents:

"We love being part of the Triton program at Poseidon! The expert coaching combined with encouragement, fun and friendship, provide unparalleled social and physical development for my kids. – The Wirt family (athletes ages 9 & 7)

Thank you! To say that we have all had our share of challenges this year is certainly an understatement. I just want you to know that we are grateful to have such dedicated families and swimmers on this team. Between shutdowns, varying schedules, wearing masks, temperature checks, limited bathroom use and socially distancing, you and your athletes rose to the occasion and did a fantastic job of adapting and excelling during these uncertain times. WE ALL THANK YOU!

Questions? Please reach out to our office administrator Erin to close your financial account for 20-21 season. Direct any group assignment questions to Joss and Ted.

I look forward to a bright new season!