Stafford Aquatics Swim Team (STAT Swimming)


Welcome to the Stafford Aquatics Team Electronic Registration platform for our upcoming swim season! We are pleased to offer electronic payment processing and registration. The process is simple for both new and returning members. You'll get access to your own private account that will enable you easily declare for swim meets, sign-up for jobs, see your children's swim times histories, maintain your own contact information, and more.

We look forward to having you join the Stafford Aquatics Team and are excited for another great season!

Stafford Aquatics Team is open to all swimmers between the ages of 5-18

  • Prerequisite: must be able to complete 25 yards. Placement is at the coach's discretion and is based on an evaluation for new swimmers to ensure proper group placement.
  • Membership: Swim Group membership is from September 6, 2022 to July 16, 2023 paid in full or over 10-months (excludes HS Prep, STAT FIT((9 month memebership billed over 8 months) and Collegiate). The 2.5% discount for payment in full does not apply to the HS Prep or Collegiate programs.


Online registration begins on June 1, 2022.

  • Total registration fee is $125 per swimmer. The registration fee covers the cost of swim cap, tee shirt, and processing fee. USA Swimming Registration will be billed separately and you will be responsible to pay that fee within 30 days of receipt. Swimmers who participated during the 2021-2022 season and fulfilled their contract will receive $50 off registration.
  • USA SWIMMING REGISTRATION FEE (New for 2022): For insurance purposes, USA Swimming and Virginia Swimming, Inc, (VSI) is requiring new swim families to register and pay the required $86 registration fee directly to USA Swimming starting September 1, 2022. Current registered swimmers have until Dec. 31st to pay this fee. The $86 registration fee covers membership and insurance. The STAT bookkeeper/treasurer will notify families to register with USA Swimming and pay the registration fee. This fee must be paid before any swimmer can practice or participate in any other STAT activities. In previous seasons, this fee was added to the STAT team registration fee.
  • Checks can be made payable to Stafford Aquatics Team and placed in the STAT black mailbox at the pool next to the glass ront door under our bulletin board.
  • If you are set up on automatic withdrawal and want the Treasurer to charge your account for this fee, please email [email protected]  It will not be invoiced automatically.


Please sign up for your current swim group unless otherwise directed by your coach. Group changes may be made per coach's discretion prior to the new swim season. Please note that any swimmer with an account balance from the previous season will not have their registration accepted and approved until all previous balances are paid in full by August 13, 2022. There is no FFO fee this year.


All new swimmers must have a swim evaluation (tryout) before the coaches can assign a practice group best suited for your swimmer (this includes HS prep swimmers). You may email Coach Delwyn at [email protected] to schedule an evaluation. Please do not register online until after a STAT coach has placed your swimmer in a practice group.


  • Online registration alone does not hold a spot for your swimmer.
  • Registration is not complete until all paperwork and the $125 non-refundable registration fee is received for applications.
  • STAT Fit Program -(Minimum 10 swimmers) Compete registration fee $125 (includes swim cap and tee shirt)
  • HS PREP Program - (Minimum 10 swimmers) NO registration fee. The $350 program fee is to be paid at the time of registration or in full prior to the program starting (swim cap provided.
  • Collegiate Program - NO registration fee. Prior approval from the head coach. Annual drop-in workout fee for returning STAT swimmers is $300 / new-to-STAT is $500.





2022-2023 Dues



10-Month Plan

Monthly Payment

Pay in Full Plan 

(2.5% discount)

Novice 1



Novice 2



Age Group










(8 months)



HS Prep

Not Applicable



(Senior Group)

4 weeks = $300

Drop in = $15

Prior approval from coach needed


PAYMENT PLANS:  STAT offers two payment plans for dues: Payment in Full Plan; or 2) Monthly Payment Plan. The Payment in Full Plan offers a 2.5% discount off of the total dues cost. Full payment must be made by September 15, 2022, otherwise your dues will be converted to monthly payments without a discount. The Monthly Payment Plan is for 10 months with the first payment due September 1, 2022 and the last payment due June 1, 2023.  A family with a prior delinquent STAT account will not be eligible for the Monthly Payment Plan and Payment in Full Plan will be required unless waived by the STAT Board. 

MONTHLY INVOICES:  Monthly invoices are generated and emailed the 1st of every month, showing your final invoice amount owed on your team account. Each family is responsible for paying the invoice amount by the 7th of every month. If full payment is not received by the 7th of the month, it will be considered late and your team account will be charged a $40 late fee on your next month's invoice. If payments are not paid as due, the team is under no obligation to enter your swimmer(s) in upcoming meets. Accounts 30 days overdue will preclude swimmers from practicing with their group until the account is made current. The first 2022 - 2023 season monthly invoice will generate and be emailed on September 1, 2022. Monthly dues are invoiced September 1, 2022 through June 1, 2023. Should any check be declined and returned by your financial institution, you will be responsible for all fees incurred by the team, in addition to a $50 returned check fee. Should a collection action on your account become necessary, you will be responsible for all costs associated with the collection action, to include court costs and/or legal fees.

MULTI-ATHLETE DISCOUNT:  A family registering more than one swimmer will receive a "multi-athlete discount."  "Family" includes the primary adult, significant other, and tax dependents as defined by the Internal Revenue Service. STAT reserves the right to ask for the most recent 1040 form or other documents, as well as the right to make exceptions as deemed necessary, which may incur a reduction in the "multi-athlete discount." The multi-athlete discount is 5% off the total cost of dues for two swimmers, 10% for three or more swimmers.

We look forward to having you join the Stafford Aquatics Team (STAT) and to another great season!

STAT MEMBERSHIP: All swim groups are for an 11 month membership from September 1, 2022 - July 16, 2023 paid in 10 installments. The STAT Fit and  High School Prep program is the only exception to the 11 month membership. STAT Fit is a 9 month membership and is paid over 8 installments. The 2.5% discount for payment in full does not apply to the High School Prep program.



P.O. Box 836

Stafford, VA 22555

Checks are payable to Stafford Aquatics Team or STAT 

Returning swimmers with set up ACH payments can request to pay registration fee though their account. You must send the request to STAT's Treasurer in order to be included in your next dues payment. Please e-mail to [email protected]


*Please note that registration is not complete until your registration check is processed.