Stafford Aquatics Swim Team (STAT Swimming)


  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to the warm-up time that is posted for the meet. Even if your swimmer’s event may be at the end of a session, it is required to be present at warm-ups.
  • Pack a permanent marker and a highlighter pen. Buy or borrow a heat sheet and write your child's event, heats, and lanes on their hand with a permanent marker. The host team usually has them for sale for about $5-10.
  • Look for a STAT coach and tell your child to check in with the coach. Not all coaches go to every meet so learn the names of coaches other than your own.
  • Swimmers will need their, cap, goggles, and towel and healthy snacks and drinks. Swimmers will NOT be permitted to eat candy or drink sodas!


  • Parents are not allowed on deck at meets ecept for the case of an emergency or while working a volunteer position.
  • Job Sign Up for timer positions will be posted to the website as soon as they are made available by the meet host
  • Meets are opportunities to measure how your swimmer is doing in their training at that moment. Almost everyone occasionally has a bad swim or meet. If your child is DQ'd (disqualified), let the coach talk to the swimmer. As a parent you must ensure that your child has a positive experience even if they do not swim well. Enjoy the experience!
  • After your swimmer finishes their event, the swimmer should report directly to the coach in order to receive feedback about his or her performance. Do not encourage your child to come to you first or leave without talking to the coach.