2020-2021 SC Practice Schedule

Seniors - M-F 6-8AM, Sat 7:15-9:15AM
Juniors - M-F 6-7:45AM, Sat 7:15-9AM
Age Group - M-F 5-6:15PM
Nov 2 - M-Th 5-6PM
Nov 1 - Mon, Tues 6-6:45PM, Fri 5-5:45PM
Stat Fit - Mon, Wed, Thurs 6:45-7:45PM


Inclement Weather:  

In an effort to keep everyone informed of last minute practice cancelations, etc. we have signed up for instant notification account at www.RainedOut.net. You can go to the webpage and search for STAT sign up and choose your group and receive TXT and/or email notifications. Please update your swimmers group if changes happen.

Fall/Spring/Summer:   Please DO NOT DROP OFF & LEAVE your swimmers when inclement weather is expected unless you are able to quickly return to the pool in the event the pool closes and practice needs to be canceled.  
Winter:  If the weather is bad but the pool is still open and practices are still being held -- if you do not feel safe driving to the pool, please don't risk it! We will post inclement weather updates with as much notice as possible, but please call the pool before you leave for practice to confirm if the pool is still open. Usually if the parking lot can be cleared, then practices will run. 

Jeff Rouse Pool:  540-318-6332

*Parents - please remind your swimmers that they are guests at the pool facilities for practices and meets.  Please ensure that they are always on their best behavior, following all facility rules, and representing our swim team with pride.  Thank you!