STAT Practice Groups

STAT currently consists of a variety of group programs, which provides a natural and sensible progression through which the swimmer moves as he/she grows and matures. This structure is designed to encourage and enhance a swimmer’s enthusiasm for the sport and to meet the needs of swimmers at all levels of ability. Swimmers are moved from one group to another based on agreement of the coaches, the swimmer and the parents. The coach giving the swimmer and the coach training the swimmer must agree that the swimmer is ready to handle the advanced workout.


Ages 5 and up; Should attend practice 2-3 days per week.

Entry level group designed to teach all four strokes in a safe and fun environment.; Must be able to swim at least one lap of the pool, unassisted.

Required Equipment - Fins and Equipment Bag


Novice II - Ages 8 & Up; Should attend 3-4 practices per week.

Designed for swimmers who can demonstrate all four strokes and have had minimum meet experience. Swimmers in this group should be able to listen well and follow instructions in a group environment. Emphasis is on legal execution and technical improvement of all four strokes, proper starts and turns.

Required Equipment - Fins, Snorkel, and Equipment Bag


Ages 10 & Up; Should attend at least 4 practices per week

Designed for those swimmers who have competitive meet experience, can demonstrate all four strokes effectively and consistently, and demonstrate proper starts and turns. Swimmers in this group will experience more in-depth training to help improve their overall endurance as well as the fundamentals of proper stroke technique in preparation for the Junior Group.

Required Equipment - Fins, Snorkel, Paddles, and Equipment Bag


Ages 11 & Up; Should attend at least 5 practices per week during short course season (September-End of the school year), and 7-8 per week during long course season (June-July)

Designed for advanced swimmers who demonstrate the ability to swim all strokes and have competitive experience. Swimmers will work to improve overall endurance, power, speed and will continue to improve on their stroke mechanics. Places more emphasis on ability to grasp all basic skills, and working more on mental toughness, racing strategies. Junior swimmers should attend meets on a regular basis.

Required Equipment - Fins, Snorkel, Paddles, DragSox, and Equipment Bag


Ages 13&Up Should attend 5-6 practices per week during short course season (September - End of the school year) and 9-10 practices per week during long course season (June -July). Meeting attendance and Saturday practices are mandatory!

Designed for athletes 13 years and older, who can perform quality swimming of all strokes at high volumes. Swimmers should demonstrate consistency on basic skills, learned in prior groups or from prior experience. Senior swimming requires a major commitment and dedication to the sport. Senior group places a huge emphasis on training basic endurance, power, and speed while maintaining proper stroke mechanics, goal setting, race strategy and mental training.

Required Equipment - Fins, Snorkel, Paddles, DragSoxArena Flex Paddle, Tempo Trainer, and Equipment Bag, The Fike Mortar


Swimmers must be 13 years and older and legal in all 4 strokes. The Head Coach reserves the right to make exceptions on an individual basis.

All Swimmers in the group must be able to swim 200 yards without stopping of freestyle, 100 yards without stopping of backstroke and breaststroke, and 50 yards of butterfly

The STAT Fit program is a group comprised of swimmers seeking a coached swim workout with some stroke technique. STAT Fit swimmers are not seeking a competitive experience, but remain passionate about the sport of swimming. This is a non-competitive training group, without requirements for mandatory attendance at practices or swim meets. Swimmers in this group may or may not be interested in joining their respective high school swim teams.  Other STAT Fit swimmers might hope to maintain fitness by swimming regularly, as they may or may not play another sport, or take part in vigorous class schedule.

The STAT Fit will have no obligation to compete. We hope that the STAT Fit Group will provide the opportunity for its swimmers to maintain their fitness, increase their knowledge of the sport, and prepare them for participating with their respective high school teams if desired.

Required Equipment - Fins


Swimmers must be 13 years and older and legal in all 4 strokes. The Head Coach reserves the right to make exceptions on an individual basis.

High School Prep is tailored specifically for swimmers who enjoy swimming and want to improve their stroke technique but who are unable to commit to a high demand practice schedule. These swimmers train 3 x week for 1 hour starting at the beginning of Short course season until HS swim practices start. Any swimmer who wants to transition to Year round swimming following this session, will need to pay the full team registration fee at that time.