We are a USA Swimming club and therefore USA Swimming membership is required. We do have a 30 day grace period where you can decide if club is for you or not

 Our Vision

Striving toward excellence, both in and out of the pool

Our Mission

The goal of the Port Angeles Swim Club is to create an atmosphere where swimmers will strive towards excellence both in and out of the pool. We want team members to foster sportsmanship through their attitudes, actions and beliefs. The coaching staff will support the success of athletes as they use their experience to develop self discipline and responsibility. We are committed to promoting healthy competition in a sport which can provide a lifetime of fulfillment.

We teach our mission by following thise very important rules each day at practice

4 Rules of Improvement

  • Show up                                     
  • Honor you team with efffort        
  • Do things correctly                     
  • Have fun and a positive attitude

These simple, easy to understand rules apply to swimming as well as lie and they ring true for the newest novice swimmer all the way up to the elite senior athlete.