Meet Entry Directions

Meet entries are handled completely online through the PASC Website. 

To sign up for a meet:

1.      Click on the Meet/Events page on this website.

2.      Find the event you would like to attend and click on "Attend This Event" which appears immediately below the event title.

3.      Click on your swimmer.  (it will show under the column titled "Member Commitment" as Undeclared )

4.      In the "Declaration" box, click on:   "Yes, please sign [swimmer name] up for this event." Click on the Events you wish to Enter, then click on "Save Changes".

5.      Please note that when meets have “qualifying times” if your swimmers' times don’t meet the criteria, their times will be shown in red, indicating a no qualifying time. On the right side of each event will be listed the time needed to  participate.

6.      Please read the meet information.  It list how many events per day a swimmer can participate in. Many meets do not have a system in place to reject a swimmer who signs up for too many events. The host is not required to refund monies if there is an error. It is a parent’s responsibility to verify entrance into the meet has been done correctly.

7.      Meet fees are sent in after the meet entrance is closed on the PASC website. The team pays for all the entrances. Since this is the case, if you have signed your swimmer up for a meet, no refunds can be issued because the host team (i.e. OAC, KING, PSSC, BISC) doesn’t refund monies.  Meet fees include the host team and PASC fee.

8.      During LC seasons meets require quick entry and many emails will be sent to parents to sign swimmers up before a meet fills. Unfortunately 12 and Under swimmers make up the largest portion of swimmers in the PNS and many times teams are shut out by age group.

Here some things that can be confusing when you sign on:

1.      If it’s an early meet sign up, not all the meet information will be available online and your commitment intention can be indicated but you will not be able to sign up specific events.  However you will need to choose events once an email goes out notifying events are now available for sign up.

2.      If the meet information is available you will then be able to select the specific events you would like your swimmer to race.  Note: If you have any questions about which events your swimmer should race, talk to your specific training coach.

If you have any questions regarding the eligibility or times for your swimmer contact any of our coaches or board members.