There are different kinds of swim meets. Some are for all swimmers and some have a time standard you have to meet. Some are long course, most are short course.

Swimmers compete in different age groups and meets depending on their achievement level and how old they are on the 1st day of the meet. Traditionally recognized age groups are: 10 and under, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16 17-18. Many local meets feature 8 and under.

Sign ups:

  • We will announce when a meet is coming up and the cost through email
  • Sign ups will be done on the website
  • Address of meet will be listed. Directions will be available
  • Payment will be processed on the website
  • Parents will choose which days to attend if it is a multi-day event
  • Coaches will pick which events a swimmer will swim
  • A list of the events your swimmer will be in and time you will be expected at the pool will be sent to you via email about 1 week before the meet
  • Results take a while to be posted on USA Swimming Deck Pass (up to 3 weeks)
  • Results will usually be announced at the Monday Meeting following the meet