• Check in with coach on arrival and before you leave. She may have added you to a relay
  • Bring chairs for you and your swimmer. Often there is not enough bleacher space for everyone.
  • Great time to wear your PASC gear and mingle with other club families
  • Heat sheets. This is a program of the meet. Usual cost is $3-$5 and are purchased at the meet. Look for your swimmers name and note event number, heat number and lane number. Don’t forget to check the relays!
  • It is handy to have a highlighter, pen and sharpie. Highlight the events your swimmer is in on the heat sheet. Most swimmers have their events sharpied on their arm or leg. It includes the event, heat and lane. This helps the swimmers keep track of their events
  • Snacks/water. Most meets have concessions for sale but it is always a good idea to have healthy snacks and water/sports drink. Some examples are: nuts & nut butters, dried fruit, dry whole grain cereal, beef jerky, pretzels, fig newtons, sandwich crackers, sunflower/pumpkins seeds. Remember to keep hydrated!!
  • The pools are often very warm, dress appropriately
  • Swimmers will get cold waiting between their events. Extra towels and sweatshirts/swim parkas are helpful
  • Coaches are very busy during meets. Please try to keep parental questions to a minimum
  • There are usually vendors at meets. This is a good time to check out what is available and try things on. They often have good deals!



  • Address and directions to meet
  • Chairs
  • PASC gear
  • Highlighter/pen/sharpie
  • Snacks/water
  • Extra towels/goggles/swim suit/cap
  • Sweatshirt and/or swim parka
  • Heat sheet (purchased at meet)